Thursday, August 28, 2008

An open letter to my baby

Dear Amelia,

I'm sorry for the huge fit I threw last night when I discovered my first stretch marks. I still love you more than anything in the world and I am so blessed to be your mother. I was just having a pity party over not getting to look like Heidi Klum while pregnant. I'll get over it.


Sunday, August 17, 2008

28 week photo

What a difference 3 weeks makes! Check out how much bigger my belly has grown. We still have over 2 months left!

Friday, August 15, 2008

We're in the home stretch now!

It's so hard to believe we are already halfway through August! As impatient as I am, I have a feeling the next couple of months are going to fly by. I am now 28 weeks pregnant, which means this is the beginning of the last trimester. I am still feeling good, but am starting to get a little uncomfortable. Ok, I am lying, very uncomfortable, ha. Amelia's kicks are getting really strong now, which I do still love, but sometimes they hurt. Also, at times she moves around to an area that makes it very hard for me to breathe, especially at night. These are all normal discomforts that anyone can expect, so I am happy to be normal!

My belly is getting bigger every day. I still get rude comments all the time, but I also get just as many nice ones to balance it out. Now that I actually look pregnant and not just fat, I wish I could just keep my belly the size it is now and let Amelia keep growing. But of course that is impossible and I have accepted the fact that it is going to get a lot bigger over the next 12 weeks. Scary, but still fun.

My doctor's appointment this week went very well. It was a busy one. First I had to have my gestational diabetes test, which meant that I couldn't eat or drink after midnight the night before, and I had to come in and drink a super sugary orange drink and have my blood tested before and after. I am happy to report that even with all my candy and ice cream eating, I do not have gestational diabetes!

Next I had an ultrasound to check on Amelia's growth and the position of my placenta. It was a little low when I went in at 17 weeks, so my doctor wanted to make sure it had moved to a better location, and it had. We opted not to pay $225 to get the 4D sonogram done since I was getting this one for free. Plus they only do them on Tuesdays between 28 and 30 weeks at my dr. and Cliff teaches on Tuesdays, so he wouldn't have been able to come. I was a little disappointed about not getting the 4D, but really pleased with the detail we were able to see with the regular ultrasound. We could actually see details on her face and she was moving around, yawning, and smacking her lips the whole time. It was so, so amazing. We were just in awe. I think she is going to have chubby cheeks like her daddy, and it looks like maybe she's got my nose, but it is so hard to tell. Now we can't wait to see her in person even more.

Check out her pics below. I had the hardest time getting these on here. I don't know why they are spaced so far apart. In the first one, you can see her face. In the second one, turn your head to the right a little and you can see her nose and lips. It's like the camera was getting a close-up from underneath. And in the last one, we can tell that she is definitely a girl! I couldn't really tell in her last pics, so I was a little nervous that maybe they were wrong, but there's no mistaking it now! Cliff was not excited about the possibility of having to repaint the ceiling after he had painted it pink!