Monday, February 20, 2012

36 weeks

I had my 36 week check-up this morning, and everything looks good. I haven't dilated any yet, so baby boy should be hanging out inside for a little while longer. I'm glad. We still have a few things to get done to get ready for his arrival. But progress is definitely being made. His room is almost done and I'm finishing up some projects at work. Cliff finishes up the regular season this week, and the girls will be playing in the state tournament in Tupelo all next week. I was hoping baby Graham would hang in there, at least until after the state tournament. We don't know yet if the girls will make regionals or nationals again this year yet, but even if they do, I'm pretty sure Cliff won't make the trip to Kansas this year. We'll see.

Bless my heart, I know I am huge! And check out those swollen ankles. I totally put my shoes on just to have my secretary take this photo, ha. I have definitely reached the "barefoot and pregnant stage." To compare, here I am at 35 weeks with Mimi:

Hard to tell the difference since the pics are at slightly different angles. I feel sure I am a little bigger than I was at this point with her. This is the last official pregnancy photo I took with her too. I did take one on the morning we went to the hospital to have her, but that photo has not, and will not ever see the light of day, ha. I think I'll try to keep it real and at least take a couple more photos in the next few weeks just to document this pregnancy. Now whether I choose to share them is a different story.

Hoping to share finished nursery pics very soon!