Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Uncle Jeremy, painting and a bath

We went to Hattiesburg last week to see my brother one last time before he left for Iraq. Even though the photos were taken in the O'Charley's parking lot, I still managed to get a few cute ones of the girl and her uncle. Is it just me, or is a soldier holding a baby not the most precious thing ever?We've heard that he has arrived in Kuwait and it's 120 degrees there! And they have to wear those hot uniforms. Puts things in perspective when I'm complaining about how hot it is when I'm walking from my air conditioned house to my air conditioned car and into my air conditioned office. Please continue to keep the soldiers and their families in your prayers.

Here we are working on a messy father's day gift for my dad. Babies and paint are not the best mix, but we had fun and I'm pretty sure Papa loved his t-shirt. It took me, Aunt Mare and Cliff to get it done.Signing Papaw Bob's card with a handprint

I'm a little OCD about my baby getting dirty. (I know, I know) So this pretty much drove me crazy until we got her cleaned up 5 minutes later. Luckily it came off all of us pretty easily and didn't ruin Daddy's new Southern Miss College World Series shirt!

She finally has enough hair for a tiny shampoo mohawk! If she were a boy, she would definitely have a faux-hawk every day instead of her giant bows.

She was having so much fun while her Daddy and I were bathing her last night, and I couldn't resist running for the camera to get these cute grins.

Can you believe she is cruising into 8 months next week? She is at such a fun age right now. Speaking of cruising, in 5 more days my baby daddy and I will be on our way to Mexico! Grammy and Papa can't wait to babysit, and I'm getting over my sadness over leaving my girl and actually getting excited about our trip. Sun, fun, eating and sleeping- those are my vacation goals. I'll be back with photos from our trip in a couple of weeks and an update on our 8 month old girl. No telling how long it will take me to get her detoxed from all that grandparent spoiling!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day, Cliffy!

I always knew you'd make a great dad, but I had no idea you'd have our girl wrapped around your finger quite so tight! We love you, Daddy!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

As promised- some videos

For some reason, blogger hasn't been letting me upload videos. So I'm going to try using vimeo and I hope you guys can open them. Chris and Kathryn, I think you told me you can't view these at work, but it was the best I could do. As always, I sound like a total goober in all of them, but Amelia is being cute, so it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make. You'll notice I throw out a "WOW!" every once in a while. It's her favorite word, and usually results in laughter. Didn't happen in any of these clips but I gave it a shot.

First we have Amelia chatting it up while playing with the newspaper and my beloved 20% off STAGE coupons. This occupied her for a good 30 minutes while I ordered a new cell phone online after she destroyed mine. I'm still kinda ticked at her about that but it was my fault for letting her chew on it.

Talkin about coupons from Angela Furr on Vimeo.

Here she is enjoying a treat I picked up for her at the dollar store. The girl isn't hard to please when it comes to toys these days! You can totally tell what she's thinking when the balloon gets away from her. She wants to crawl over to get it but she's scared of falling on her face.

Balloons are so much fun! from Angela Furr on Vimeo.

And here she is having a ball in our hand-me-down jumparoo. Of all the toys and equipment we've purchased and people have bought for us as gifts, she really hasn't cared for much of it. But she has caught on to how much fun the jumparoo brings and it is hilarious to watch her in it. She's a little spastic like her mama, ha.

Jumparoo Fun from Angela Furr on Vimeo.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Mega-photo update

I realized that I had updated my facebook albums, but had not updated here in a while with some of our fun randoms of Amelia from the last few weeks. These are for you aunts, uncles and grandparents who count on the blog for your Amelia fix. So here you go:

Helping with the laundry

Hanging out with her buddy, Tucker at Ella's birthday party. Amelia was such a bully. Here she is tugging on poor Tuck's ear. He didn't really seem to mind. These two were born 5 days apart.

There will never be a shortage of playmates with the Smiths around! Cousins Braden, Tucker and Ella, plus Amelia. I love how they're all looking at each other here.
Ella in her Big Sister shirt (baby brother or sister due in January) pushing Amela in her new doll stroller. Ella's dad is Cliff's childhood friend, Chad. We hope our girls grow up to be great friends.

How could I resist sharing another cute pool pic? What you don't see is that 5 seconds after snapping this photo, Amelia fell face first into the water. Oops. Bad mommy. At least I got a cute photo. Whatever it takes- right, Lindey?

While Cliff was at basketball camp, Amelia enjoyed spending time with her aunts, Katie and Mare. Aunt Katie of course took a few pics. Here are a couple of our big girl who thinks it's ok to walk without learning to crawl first.

Love this one. Lookat me! I haven't even spent a night in my crib yet, but here I am standing up in it. Time for Daddy to lower the mattress already.

Getting her very first pedicure at the salon with Aunt Katie. Amelia relaxed and read her book while cousin Megan painted her toenails.

Katie took this one of us after church a couple of weeks ago. One of our few smiling pics together. Amelia was wearing a precious dress her Grammy got for her.

Amelia dropped in on Memaw and Papaw the other day, and they were just tickled to death to see her. She is always napping when they come to visit, so they just ate her up while she was laughing and playing.
And when she got tired and needed a nap, sweet Papaw Fred rocked her to sleep. Precious.
And lastly, here is our girl yesterday after church. I was just about to change her into play clothes but we ran outside for a quick photo on the bench in her sweet blue dress. Gone are the days of a photo of every single outfit. It was fun while it lasted, but it is just not practical with every day life. I have to remind myself to actually enjoy being with her, instead of constantly wanting to stop and photograph every single moment, ha. But when I do stop to get a cute pic, I'm always glad I did!

So consider yourself up to date on our Mimi. Hopefully I'll be able to get some videos uploaded soon so our out of town family can see just how big she has gotten. We're heading into her 8th month very soon. Where does the time go?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Our Soldier

Yesterday we attended a send-off ceremony for my brother and the 155th Brigade Combat Team at Camp Shelby in Hattiesburg. They will be deploying to Iraq very soon. This will be Jeremy's second tour in Iraq. Here are a few pics from the day.

The flyover:The 155th:My parents, Amelia and I totally missed the ceremony because of a stupid traffic jam on Hwy 49 and on the base. I got the first two pics from my sister. At least we got to see Jeremy when it was over. He was glad to see Amelia and she was happy to see him too!

Especially when she realized he had cool stuff to play with on his uniform. Here she is chewing on his canteen. Jeremy called it another word, but I forgot what it was. It's the thing they wear on their backs that holds their drinking water. Whatever it's called, Amelia loved it.

Our family, minus my brother Josh, who was working. Daddy's in the back with his gimpy arm. He had shoulder surgery a few weeks ago.

Three-fourths of the Davis siblings and Amelia, the star of the family.

Back at my parents' house the whole fam got together for supper, but I refused to pose for any group photos because my allergies were going crazy from the random cat that lives in their yard, so my nose was all red and my face was swollen. Here's Amelia finding something else to chew on, one of her favorites, a cell phone! She destroyed mine last week and I had to get a new one. Her slobber is deadly to electronics.

Mare trying on Jeremy's cool gear:

Cliff, we might have a volley-baller on our hands! She had fun playing with Aunt Mare and my dad with the ball in the yard.

Please remember Jeremy and all the soldiers and their families in your prayers during this time. Let's not forget the sacrifice all branches of the military have made for us and continue to make for us everyday.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Cliff and Ang through the years

Today is our 4 year anniversary! In some ways, it seems like it should be so much more than 4 years, since we've been together for 8 years, but in other ways, it seems like no time ago that we were just college kids dating. I was digging in our storage closet for something the other night and ran across some old photos, and I thought I'd share some of us over the years.

Here we are in August of 2001 before we began dating. We were on the student newspaper staff at Co-Lin, and this photo was taken at the club fair at the beginning of the semester. We became friends our freshman year, and started dating in the fall of our sophomore year, not long after this pic. What babies we were, just 19 years old!

Very early in our relationship. This was the first of many, many sporting events that we would attend together.

I worked for a photographer while attending Co-Lin, and Cliff came by to take me to lunch one day. Johnny, my boss, asked us to pose for a quick pic to test out his Christmas backdrop. So cheesy, but I love this memory.

Memphis Grizzlies game, 2002. Look at all that hair Cliff had!

Co-Lin graduation, May 2002

Fred and Wilma- Halloween, 2003

Weekend in Memphis, 2003. This was during the era of the J-Lo newsboy caps. One of the many fashion choices I now regret.
Katie took this pic of Cliff the morning he went to talk to my parents before he asked me to marry him. December, 2003 New Years, 2003. Cheering for Southern Miss at the Liberty Bowl the day after we got engaged.

Spongebob surprise birthday party my roomate, Kathryn and I threw for Cliff while we were in grad school- November 2004.

Still engaged, ha. Easter, 2005

The photo we used for our engagement announcement, Spring 2005

June 4th, 2005- Cliff's reaction when he saw me in my wedding dress for the first time.

Oh, how I wish I could wear this dress every day!

Honeymoon in Playa del Carmen, Mexico
Last summer at the beach with Mimi in my tummy. We had just found out she was a girl and we were so happy!

Happiest day of our life. Our first family photo- October, 2008

Amelia's baby dedication, March 2009. We are still so thankful for her!

Happy Anniversary, Cliffy! I can't wait to celebrate on our cruise!