Thursday, December 15, 2011

27 weeks

I thought I'd give a montly update on baby boy. I'm 27 weeks now, and growing bigger every day, yikes!

Not much has changed since last month, other than my belly, but we have decided on his name. He will be called Graham Davis Furr, or Baby Graham, as his big sister calls him. There's not much of a story to his name. Davis is my maiden name, and although we would have loved to have called our son Davis, I really wanted to call him by his first name, and we couldn't come up with anything we liked for a middle name with Davis.

Graham is a name that we've liked since I was pregnant with Mimi, but it wasn't our top choice. Our top choice from back then had gotten a lot more popular since 2008, and there were issues with so many others that we liked such as they didn't go with our last name, etc. Graham was a name that we had thrown around but hadn't committed to it yet. However, Amelia immediately started calling him Baby Graham and kissing my tummy and talking to him all the time. After about a month of that, it really felt like that was his name. So Graham it is.

We're clearing things out of the guest room and hoping to make some major progress in the nursery while we're off for Christmas. I will be sure to share that progress when it happens.

And to compare, here's a belly pic when I was a little further along than I am now, at 28 weeks with Mimi.

Although I feel ginormous, I guess my belly isn't that much bigger than it was with her, although the scale says otherwise. I do weigh a few pounds more now than I did at this point with her, as my doctor was so kind to point out to me the other day, ha. I'm trying not to freak out too much over how big I am, and just be thankful that everything is healthy for me and for him so far. He is a super active little guy, much more so than his sister was. We've reached the alien in the belly stage! Last night I was just watching him jump around in fascination. Isn't the miracle of life amazing?

I got so annoyed during my first pregnancy when people would make comments about how big I am, and say the always annoying, "I don't think you're going to make it!" But this time, I have to admit that I think that on an almost daily basis, lol. Just how AM I going to make it for 3 more months?!

A Fancy Nancy Birthday

Even though it's almost Christmas, I just couldn't move on to the next holiday without finally documenting Amelia's third birthday! I promised that I would scale her party back this year, and I did. Really, y'all, I did. But that doesn't mean things can't still be cute, right?

I absolutely loved everything about her party this year! The theme was based on some of Amelia's favorite books, the Fancy Nancy series.  It was so ridiculously pink and girly and this girl loved every second of it. I am pretty sure it was the happiest day of her life so far.

Here are a few shots of the party details.


There was a dress-up table for the girls and boys to get fancied up as they entered the party.


The girls got more into the dressing up, of course, but this guy liked being fancy too!

Some other random shots of the birthday girl and her friends

She blew those candles out like a champ! I was so excited for this because last year it was too windy and the candles wouldn't stay lit. This was her first time to get to do it (besides the little cupcake we had at home last year.)

As you can imagine, she absolutely LOVED opening her presents this year. Since she has SO much stuff already, I seriously considered requesting no gifts from our guests, but after seeing her get so excited for her friends at their parties, I thought I should at least give her one more year of gifts, especially now that she's old enough to be excited about them.

Posing with one of her faves, Aunt Katie

 And Grammy and Papa
 and Aunt Mare
Believe it or not, there are about 150 pics that I did not share. You're welcome, ha. It was such a fun party, and I'm so glad that we did it for her. She said thank you over and over again. I have decided that three years old is the best age for enthusiasm for things like birthdays and Christmas. A trip to the Dollar Tree excites this girl, so you can imagine what a birthday party and Christmas is like for her.

And now that I've finally documented her birthday, we can move on to Christmas in a few days. Didn't 2011 JUST start?