Monday, September 27, 2010

Go Wolves!

A day I have been waiting for two years has finally arrived.

Yes, Amelia can now fit into the 24 month-sized cheerleader suit I have been dying to dress her in! You may recall her first time to wear a Wolfpack cheerleader suit when she was 2 weeks old.
I had wanted a tiny cheerleader suit for her first basketball season and my Aunt Rhonda was going to make one for me but couldn't find a pattern small enough. She settled for a Build-A-Bear cheerleader, added Co-Lin to the suit and gave it to me at my baby shower. That day at 2 weeks old for that photo was the one and only time she fit into that outfit. The Build-A-Bear wears it now and he sits on her bookshelf in her room. Since then, I've been looking everywhere for a suit to fit her and 24 months is the smallest I've found. And now she is finally big enough to wear it!

We had so much fun at the game last week. She loved seeing the wolf mascot (but not up close) and even ran on the field to be a part of the spirit line with her little friends before the players ran out. Sadly, I have no photo of it because I never dreamed she would have participated since she had been so whiney and clingy earlier when I tried to get her to do it.

Looking at these pics, I couldn't help but be nostalgic for her very first time to meet the wolf mascots.

 Here she is in my tummy at 8 months pregnant.

And here she was last year at this time posing with my co-workers' kids at the tailgate party.

And last year during basketball season

She is growing up to be quite a fan of the Wolfpack! She even yells "Go wolves!" and can howl like a wolf when we ask how the wolf goes. I'm looking forward to even more cheering when basketball season starts for Daddy. We love being a Co-Lin family!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Recent photo shoot with Aunt Katie

Katie was testing out a new lens and asked if Mimi could come with her for a quick photo shoot downtown last week. Of course I agreed and changed her into an adorable dress she hadn't been photographed in yet (seriously, sometimes it's hard to find something we haven't taken her pic in, lol).

I thought they turned out so cute. Enjoy!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

We had a fun but busy Labor Day weekend. Any time off we have from work, I always want to make the most of, but that usually ends up with me being exhausted by the time I get back to work.

We decided to take Amelia to Global Wildlife in Folsom, La., and we were so glad we did! The weather was perfect, sunny with a cool breeze, and Amelia is at a great age for it because she loves looking at animals. I had been feeling like a horrible mother because she has never been to the zoo. Even though I still plan on doing the zoo with her very soon, Global Wildlife was even better to me, because you can get up close and personal with the animals. You ride in these covered wagons and the animals come up to you and you can feed them and pet them.

We saw tons of deer, antelope, zebras, camels, buffalo, cattle, kangaroos and giraffes.

This is Cliff feeding the zebra.

Mimi was fascinated.

The giraffes were my favorite, but they wouldn't come up to the wagon and let us love on them. As we were leaving we saw them getting friendlier with the next group.

After our tour we headed down to Manchac to eat at one of our favorite places for fried catfish, Middendorf's. We don't get out much at restaurants these days due to the fact that Amelia likes to act a fool when we go out to eat, but apparently 2:00 in the afternoon is her happy time at dining establishments because she did great. I still gobbled my food down like someone was going to take it away just in case we had to jet out of there. There are no leisurely restaurant meals for the Furr family these days.

Great day, but sister was worn out on the way home! This is what she does when she gets sleepy.
We got a little worried about her and uncovered her a bit.

Then, Sunday was promotion day at church, and Amelia moved up to the toddler class. We were the first ones there and I snapped a couple of pics before everyone else arrived. I wanted to eat her up with her pigtails in that smocked dress Katie got her.

How cute is her little classroom?
I even got a little video of her as we waited. Her favorite word lately is "Thank you." She loves to say it when you pay her a compliment or when you give her something or do something for her. It is my favorite thing she does right now. Who doesn't love a polite child? I hope she keeps it up. It helps balance out when she says NO and STOP, her other favorite words.

New Sunday School Class from Angela Furr on Vimeo.

Her teachers said she did great. I figured she'd do fine because she loves being "big," and now instead of being the oldest in the class, she is the youngest so she gets to feel like a big girl around the older kids.

And while we are talking church, here are a couple of cute snaps I got at the ice cream social a couple of weeks ago. She's such a big girl in the big kid swings! Swings are just about Amelia's favorite thing on earth. It is like pulling teeth to get her off of one.

I hope y'all had a fabulous Labor Day weekend too! I have had to use my time back at work to rest from all our fun, ha.