Friday, August 12, 2011

Over-due Mimi update

I am so overdue for a Mimi post! I have no excuse at all, other than being kind of busy at work and just not making time to record some memories, and for that I am so over myself!

We have had a busy and fun summer. Here are a few recent pics:

She had a blast at cheer camp at Co-Lin. This was her first time to wear anything resembling athletic gear and tennis shoes, ha. We couldn't get over her in this outfit! I laughed because she was really just dressed like a regular kid, but this was a rare occasion for us not having her all dolled up

Amelia is blessed to have lots of little friends, and that means she gets LOTS of birthday party invitations. We try to make as many of them as we can, and I think we probably average 3-4 parties a month! It's exhausting (and expensive) for me, but she always has a good time. We especially enjoy when they have waterslides.

I've already shared pics and video of her time at gymnastics camp, but here's one of her and her BFF Joy. They are in the same class at school and they just started their weekly gymnastics classes this week. These two are a mess together! If they are not loving on each other, they are arguing or bossing!

Mimi was so lucky to have Katie off this summer to hang out with her every day. They did lots of fun things like going swimming, going to the library, the splash park, arts and crafts at home, etc. This was them making rainbow cupcakes on their last day of the summer together. She has been giving Katie the cold shoulder lately and I think she's mad at her that they're not playing together every day, ha.

 And to end up the summer, we took our annual trip to the local Exchange Club Fair. As always, it was HOT. But we always have a good time eating and seeing everyone we know. The past couple of years haven't been that much fun for Mimi, but she had the time of her life this year! Cliff and I just smiled our faces off the entire time getting to watch her have so much fun.

Classic Angela moment. My camera died shortly after we got there, ugh! So I only got a few pics. If it had been working, I would have gotten pics of my little daredevil and her Daddy on the giant ferris wheel. I was a nervous wreck with her being up so high with nothing more than a bar protecting her, but she begged to go on it and Cliff took one for the team and did it with her. Love my boo for that one!

Funny sidenote: The Exchange Club owns the park that the fair take place at, and the rides are there year-round, even though the fair only goes on once a year. Katie and Amelia went to get some ice cream near the park a few weeks ago, and Amelia looked over at the ferris wheel and said, "Oh, Katie, I wish I was a little girl on that ferris wheel!" Ha. Well, she got her wish.

We attended a baby shower for Mare and baby Jackson a few weeks ago. He got some precious things and we can't wait to hold him in 6 more days!

Amelia has really gotten into painting and doing art projects this summer. Here she was working on some frames for Father's Day gifts for Cliff, Papa and Grandbob.

So that's a little update on some things I've failed to blog about this summer. I am going to try to do better about blogging, because this funny girl is getting more hilarious every day, and I've got to get better at recording some of the things that she says and does!