Wednesday, September 10, 2008

32 weeks!

What a tricky thing it is to calculate weeks/months in pregnancy. People ask how far along I am and it sounds like 8 months when I tell them I am 32 weeks. But then they think I only have a month left, so it's a little misleading. I just tell people I have 8 weeks left, ha. Pregnancy actually lasts 40 weeks = 10 months. Ugh. Why does this fact get hidden and people think it's only 9 months?

I went to the dr. today and everything was good as usual. I have really been so fortunate to have had an uneventful pregnancy so far, healthwise. Now when I go to the dr, we spend time chatting about her kids and my job since I am pretty much out of silly questions to ask her! Here's some fun news: Today we discussed how I feel about induction as opposed to "waiting it out." I've thought a lot about this and done research on it, and the planner in me is all for inducing. It is pretty common-place these days, and I like the idea of getting to know when I will be going to the hospital to have Amelia. Dr. Gray talked about inducing me when I am 39 weeks if all continues to go well with mine and baby's health, which would be sometime after Oct. 29. That's only 7 weeks away! This will be more convenient for Coach Furr, since his first game is November 8, ha. He was afraid he would have to miss it if the baby came a little late.

Of course everyone knows that babies can come on their own time table, so we can't plan too far ahead for Miss Amelia. But I am so excited to know that it shouldn't be more than 7 weeks until I can finally see our precious girl's face!

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