Thursday, February 10, 2011

The latest on the princess

In an attempt to get over myself and my dreary weather-induced grouchy mood, I thought I'd do a little Mimi update. We've both been under the weather and have been laying pretty low for the last couple of weeks so I've barely taken any photos. But for Uncle Chris' sake, and for my own memories, here's what Amelia is up to at two years and four months old (some pics were snapped with my phone, so not great quality): 
  • She's totally potty trained- Yay! We had been working on it casually since the fall, and she was doing pretty good when I would take her to potty, but not great at telling me when she had to go on her own. One weekend I got serious and decided we were going to knock it out, and we did. I wouldn't call the whole thing an easy process, but when her stubborn little self decided she was really ready, she was done with diapers and pull-ups for good. Very few accidents since then, and she even wears her big girl panties through the night. Such a big milestone for our big girl!
    Quick snap before church with her purse. Mama doesn't have to carry a diaper bag anymore!
  • Her behavior is improving. Can I get an amen? She still has her set-backs here and there, but I have to say, along with being more independant with going potty, she has been throwing fewer tantrums and seems to be minding so much better. I will enjoy these small victories while we have them, but I'm not patting myself on the back just yet. I hear age three is worse than two.
Meltdown in the kitchen during one of her "setbacks"

  • She has started naming her baby dolls and it is so precious. Before, every baby's name was just "Baby." Now all of a sudden she is giving them names. Her favorites are baby Audrey and baby Annalee (annawee). I have no idea where she came up with them, as we don't know anyone with these names, and I don't think I've heard them on any TV shows that she's watched. She did name one of her dolls Gracie Sherman, after a girl in her class. But I haven't heard her call that doll by that name since then. Audrey and Annawee are in the main rotation right now. My favorite is when all of a sudden she'll say, "Oh, I hear baby Audrey crying! I better go get her." And she'll run to her room, or wherever to get her. She holds her so sweet and snuggles her. I love that she has an active imagination.
A happy day in the kitchen while Mama cooks. Baby Gracie Sherman is beside her.

  • She is still saying more hilarious things every day. I've got to do a better job at writing them down between blog posts. Yesterday she told me, "You look cute, Mama!" and later, "I wike your curly hair." She will also say, "Iwuvyousomuch" really fast, and in a sing/song voice. So sweet. She told me the other day when I came to get her after spending the night at my parents' house, "I'm so glad you're here, Mama." Melted me! Then of course she lost it when she realized she actually had to come home. She has always had a strong opinion about her wardrobe, but lately she has just been tickled to death over how cute she looks. She'll say, "My pants are so cute!" or "Don't I look bootiful in my dress, Daddy?" Right now we just laugh and tell her how bootiful she is. We'll work on inner beauty when she's a little older. 
  • Leaving Pailyn's 2nd birthday party a couple of weeks ago
  • She's still obsessed with politeness. Always please, thank you, you're welcome, and of course bless you after you sneeze, cough, clear your throat, whatever. She will yell it from wherever she is if she hears you. She went to church with my parents last Sunday and my dad leads the music. He sneezed while up on stage and she yelled out, "Bless you, Papa!" I know he loved it, and the whole church got a kick out of it. She also tells people to be careful as they are leaving our house.
  • Monster face at Pay's party
  • Her favorite food right now is grits (grips), and that is about the only thing she eats very much of at all. She will eat a bite of a chicken "wugget" and some "inch fries" here and there, but she still eats like a bird most of the time. 
That's about it for what's going on with us right now. Lots of playing indoors, going to school, church and Daddy's basketball games, and wishing the weather would warm up so we can play outside!


ccrager said...

Love the quotes! Age 2 is hard for us too, but it is so funny! B eats almost NOTHING some days... don't feel bad. Enjoyed this update!!

Deemie said...

Yes....wait til the "Trying Threes".............. I enjoy reading your updates. It's hard to believe how quickly she has grown up!