Thursday, April 19, 2012

Graham's first month

I am a couple of weeks behind with this post, but I really do have an excuse (besides the whole having a newborn thing). Our computer was down for two weeks. Now, it's back in working order and I am finally sitting down to document Graham's first month. I did this with Amelia and I am so glad I did. At one month old, Graham:
  • weighs about 9 pounds, I am guessing. He was 7.14 at birth, lost down to 7.6 in the hospital, and was 8.3 at his two week check-up. Coincidentally, that is what big sister weighed at birth.
  • is about 21.5 inches long. He's grown about an inch since birth.
  • wears mostly newborn and 0-3 months clothes
  • is a pretty decent nurser and sleeper. He goes about 4 hours between feedings, sometimes more, sometimes less. Nursing is going much better at this point than it did with sister.
  • is starting to focus his eyes on people and objects, rather than the wild-eyed thing newborns do at first.
  • loves taking a bath!
  • enjoys spending time in his swing (unlike sister did), but is also a little spoiled already and really loves to be held and to snuggle.
The first month totally flew by! We have all adjusted really well to having a new baby in the family, and I couldn't be prouder of Amelia. She absolutely adores him, and jumps at the chance to help. She hasn't once shown any signs of jealousy. I know this might change eventually, but for now, we are enjoying what a precious big sister she is being.

We had a newborn photo shoot with Lindey, and I will be sharing those photos as soon as I get my act together and get the birth announcements sent out. We got some really sweet ones of the two of them together that I can't wait to share. Although it's only been a few weeks, we already can't imagine life without our sweet baby Graham. He is just the piece of our family that we didn't even know we were missing!

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