Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The best part of pregnancy so far

Yesterday I felt Amelia flipping around inside me! It was the craziest feeling. I've been concerned that I haven't been feeling her move yet, but really I think the movements have been so tiny that I haven't really noticed them. Yesterday I was laying on the couch after work when I felt something wiggling in my tummy! I thought it might have been her, but it could have also been mistaken for a hunger pang since it was getting close to dinner time. Then it happened again and again after that. Cliff was asking me to describe how it felt and the best description I have for it is like when you are in a car and you go over a steep hill fast, it's like what happens to your stomach then. Other times I have felt more like a thumping, which is what I think it feels like when she kicks. But yesterday, I think she was flipping around. It was awesome!

I have loved every second of being pregnant so far, with the highlights being the day I found out I was pregnant, the first time we heard the heartbeat, and then finding out she was a girl. But I have to say that actually feeling a little life moving around inside me has to be the best yet! There's nothing like it!

Update on the nursery plans: the crib, changing table and bedding are all on their way. It's so fun getting packages. It feels like getting presents, ha. We are going out of town this weekend for Cliff's dad's wedding, so we won't be able to start on painting and putting stuff together until next weekend. I am ready to turn that guest room into Pink Town!

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