Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A birthday party and Sunday lunch

This past weekend was spent catching up with family that we don't get to see often. Friday I took the day off work and Cliff, Amelia and I traveled to Laurel to visit with Cliff's grandmother and aunt. We enjoyed our visit but I failed to take any photos. Boo.

Then Saturday Mare and I took Amelia to our cousin Mandy's little boy Bode's 3rd birthday party. After that we jetted over to visit with my grandparents for a while. Here are a few pics from the party.

Amelia and the birthday boy, who obviously has had his photo taken a time or two. He was much more willing than Amelia to pose for my camera.

Amelia got that balloon as soon as we got there and she wouldn't let go of it for the next 5 hours! The thing was so droopy by the time we got home. She wanted to chew on it, so Cliff finally popped it. She was devastated.

Still holding onto that balloon and of course would not look at me when I asked her to smile. Stinker.
Crawling with the balloon in hand.
Admiring a fellow party-goer's shoes (She's SO my kid), yet still not letting go of that ballooon.

Putting the balloon behind her back to pose for a pic with mommy.
Then Sunday after church we enjoyed lunch at Porches with Cliff's dad and his wife, Joyce as well as Aunt Katie. We ended up eating outside, and you can tell from Amelia's rosy cheeks that it was a little warm.Mimi and Aunt Katie in a rare pic together.
Trying to get a pic with Papaw Bob and Joyce but Mimi wasn't having it. She is such a drama queen about posing for pics!
Giving a family shot a try, but no success on smiles from everyone. Not naming names here...
Ok, there's the happy baby we know! She is a smiler after all.

It was a great, but busy weekend. We're looking forward to a more relaxing one this week. Tomorrow our big girl turns 9 months old! Hopefully I'll have time to post an update on her newest tricks. She's made some big milestones in the last couple of weeks so I look forward to sharing them soon!

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