Wednesday, December 16, 2009


As Uncle Chris kindly texted me yesterday and asked, no the blog is not broken, ha! We have had a lot going on lately, and really, I have just been dang tired! Cliff is gone almost every night this time of year and we try to make it to all the home games, so between work, games and church, we just haven't been home very much lately. But that will soon change, because after today, I will be off for over 2 glorious weeks for the holidays! I have even (gasp!) not been taking very many photos lately. That will also soon change.

These are not very blog-worthy, but I'm going to go ahead and share a few recent snaps to satisfy Uncle Chris. He is sadly not on facebook, so he missed these "mobile uploads" from Aunt Mare. Look at those crossed legs- love it!

These shots show what Amelia is up to these days. She likes to run away when I try to dress or undress her before I finish. Here I had taken her top off to get ready for a bath and she wanted to hang out for a little while longer and play with the custard dish she had pulled out of the kitchen cabinet. She likes to take a very safe toy, an ink pen and stir in the bowl with it. You can also see how totally white trash we are for putting our new tv on the coffee table and the dvd player just hanging out on the floor. My tree is also so sad because I always have tons of wrapped gifts under it by now. Did you know that it is very hard to go shopping for groceries, much less actual gifts for people with a one-year old in tow?

Another cell phone pic from Aunt Mare, but you can see Mimi is doing a little online Christmas shopping on her laptop in her reindeer pjs. I was sitting beside her with a laptop in my lap and that may have been a cute pic if I had not been looking like a hot mess. So, a crop was in order. Thanks, Mare.Here are couple that our friend Natalie, the PR director at Co-Lin, shot at last week's game. I think I might have a couple more of Amelia in her t-shirt in the cam at home, but this will do for now.
Totally random blog post, but I know how important new photos of the princess are to the family. More photos to come soon, I promise!

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ccrager said...

I think these pictures are ALL fabulous! And my tree looks just the same- not the FIRST wrapped gift. Amelia is just precious :)