Thursday, February 18, 2010

A happy birthday for mama

So yesterday was my birthday. I have officially entered the stage of life known as late twenties. But I don't really want to talk about that. What I do want to talk about is the fact that someone thought that it was her birthday instead and came home and plopped herself in the middle of the couch to enjoy an after-school cookie and a little Dora.

She wouldn't even let me change the channel or have a bite of her cookie, even on my birthday!

Then Aunt Katie came over to bring me a present and to eat some Mexican take-out with us, and Mimi had a little fun playing dress-up with her glasses.

She even thought my gift was for her. I don't know what gives her the idea that every day revolves around her. Oh wait...

Anyway, it was a perfectly pleasant, low-key birthday. Cliff had planned to take me to eat at my favorite Italian restaurant in Jackson, but he's been away so much I knew he missed Mimi, and I wanted to be with her too, so we just hung out at home. But I do have to brag on him a little bit. He got me the sweetest, most thoughtul gift- a necklace with Amelia's thumbprint on it.

Isn't it precious? I can't give him all the credit for thinking of it. I saw my friend Misti's back in December and told him that I wanted one. But I had forgotten about it, so I was definitely surprised that not only did he remember that I wanted it, but he actually took Amelia to Jackson to have her print taken, and then went all the way back there to pick it up the morning after he had come home from a recruiting trip in Memphis. Good job, Cliffy!

While I'm bragging on him, I might as well tell y'all that instead of the customary roses for V-day, he actually gave me a collage frame filled with pics of me and Mimi together for my office. Swoon! That guy knows I enjoy a thoughtul gift! Note to anyone ever getting me a gift: Anything to do with my baby's face or hand prints gets me every time.

I had such a nice birthday just hanging out with my sweet family, and lucky for me the fun is not over yet. Mimi and I will be spending the weekend at my parents' house while Cliff goes back to Memphis looking for players to sign. I predict some delicious food cooked for me, some relaxation, and maybe a Hobby Lobby gift card in the mix. I am so blessed!


lindey said...

first. mimi's outfit is tdf! my kinda fashion ;o)
oh @ the necklace...i *need* a roo print charm now. go cliff is all i can say!

ccrager said...

Way to go Cliff!!! I need to put a word in for one of those necklaces... So precious! Sounds like a perfect bday to me :)

Alison said...

Sounds like a fabulous birthday! I love how Amelia's shoes match her t-shirt perfectly!