Sunday, February 14, 2010

A white Valentine's

What a fun weekend! Thursday we received the best news that people who work in education can ever hear- we got a snow day! Even better, we got a Friday snow day, which made for an excellent weekend. It's so hard to believe that I have experienced only a handful of snows in my whole life living in Mississippi and Amelia has already seen snow three times in her short little life. It's funny that young kids around here think snow is normal since we've had so much in the last couple of years. Bless their hearts when it takes another ten years to happen again.

It started snowing late Thursday night and when we woke up Friday morning, this is what we saw:

(Katie took this sweet pic. I don't think I have to tell you which of these I jacked from her and which were taken with my point and shoot cam. As always, thanks to Katie for being the official family photographer!)

We were excited that Aunt Mare also got a snow day from Southern Miss, so she came to see Mimi after having been away for a few weeks. They were pumped to see each other and Mimi was spoiled to get to play with her aunts and all of her grandparents this weekend. She is one loved little girl!

Yes, Cliff tackled me to the ground almost immediately after getting outside. We had fun throwing snowballs and Amelia had fun being pulled in her wagon since she was kind of grouchy and wasn't really feeling walking in the snow as much as last time.

We tried to smile and pose for a pic, but it was too bright.

Cliff is hiding around the corner to hit me with that massive snow ball after I went in to get a bowl to collect snow for my snow ice cream. He was such a 7-year old the entire time we were playing outside!

Speaking of being childish, I am also guilty. My parents came over to play with Amelia and I couldn't resist hitting my daddy with a big snowball and then he slipped and fell and got all wet. I felt kind of bad, but still laughed my head off about it. Oops.

Am I the only one who gets totally depressed when the snow starts melting? Saturday after I finally got over myself, I was able to dress Amelia all Valentine-y and snap a couple of pics outside of her and her daddy before they headed out on their shopping day together. I think it's totally cute that Cliff takes Amelia with him to help pick out gifts for me. And a gift in itself was the fact that I got to spend some time alone, including a glorious hour and a half spent at the fabric store picking out fabric for our new bedding all by myself. It really doesn't take much for me.

Later that evening, Mare and Justin came over and Cliff and I got to go out on a date. Nothing special, just Mexican and a movie, but it was a great ending to a great, great day. Thanks for babysitting, guys!

Today was spent at church followed by lunch with friends. I almost let it get dark before I realized I had not taken a photo of Amelia on her second Valentine's Day, so outside we went for a couple of quick snaps.

Is it bad that I adore Valentine's Day for the sheer fact that I think Mimi looks totally adorable in red and pink? That, and I also love flowers and chocolate. And cards. And chick flicks. Ok, sue me. I just love Valentine's Day!

P.S. We were bummed that Chris and Kathryn weren't able to come visit this weekend as planned because of the weather. Come as soon as you can, guys!

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