Monday, April 19, 2010

A fun weekend

We were so excited to have a weekend with absolutely no plans! I know- times have changed, right? Friday we spent the evening with our friends, Chad and Anna, and their sweet daughters. Chad and Cliff have been best friends since they were six, and we are so fortunate that they live right around the corner from us. Before babies, we used to spend every Friday night hanging out with them. Now that we both have small children, and Cliff is gone a lot during basketball season, we haven't gotten to spend as much time with them as we used to.

They have a fabulous back yard for the kids to play in, and Mimi and Ella had fun running around, swinging, and jumping on the trampoline while the grown ups ate and chatted. I also spent a lot of time holding this precious girl.

I'm not gonna lie, snuggling her makes me slightly entertain the thought of doing it all again. YIKES! I quickly snap back to reality when I hear Amelia throwing a fit because Ella took her sidewalk chalk. No, I am not interested in going there for quite a while. But I should probably tone down my Lily cuddling for a while though. It was snuggling her big sister as a newborn that made us decide we were ready to start our own family.

After the girls got totally filthy and wore themselves out playing, they each got baths and in PJs and the grown ups got to hang out for a while longer. Oh, and I got to rock a freshly bathed and PJ clad Lily. Seriously I need to get away from that sweet baby!

Saturday we did some chores and played outside around the house. That afternoon, we decided to go for a ride in the jeep (not ours, we borrow it from my dad sometimes to play in). We rode over and got snowcones and went to the park. We swung by and picked up Katie to come with us, and she of course took some photos. In fact almost all of the pics in this post were snatched from her, except for a couple of blurry ones I snapped. I can't take a good photo to save my life, ha!

After we got home from the park, we hosed Mimi off in the (slightly cold) sprinkler and my parents dropped by for a bit. Just when we were thinking we'd rent a movie and hang out at home for the rest of the evening, Chad and Anna wanted to know if we wanted to do a repeat of the night before. Um, yes, please! So we went over there again for yummy grilled food and more fun grown up conversation. Katie lives a few houses down from them, and she and Sweet Pea walked over and joined us.

Here's one of the few pics I took of the girls playing. I always put my camera away when Katie's taking pics because I know hers will be better and I will just steal them when she posts them on facebook. Ha!

This one cracks me up! Ella had been being a little bit dirty and tried to snatch things away from Mimi. You can totally tell what each girl is thinking here!

Amelia loved baby Lily, and actually didn't freak out when Cliff or I held her, as she has been known to do when we've tried to hold other babies in front of her.

Then yesterday was church, as always. Mimi had on such a precious yellow seersucker dress, and this is the best photo I got of her in it. This is actually post afternoon nap. I've gotta work on getting us ready earlier to get photos before we leave for church.

We were invited to a Sunday afternoon crawfish boil, but Amelia wasn't feeling great, and we were all pretty worn out from all our socializing, so we called it a day, and hung out at home. Great, low-key weekend, my favorite kind!


lindey said...

fun weekend. i think i'm going to put a bug in anna's ear that you need to be around lk more :o) the idea of a new baby furr is pretty exciting!

ccrager said...

What a fun weekend! Sounds like baby fever to me ;) JK. Isn't it fun when the kids can enjoy socializing as much as you do??! I am 100% with you on not having enough time to snap pics before church! We can't pull it together in enough time either.