Thursday, April 29, 2010

18 months

Dear Mimi,
We can't believe we have had you for a year and a half. You've made our house messier than it's ever been, but you've made us happier than we've ever been. You make people who used to be grouchy in the mornings smile when we wake up and see your smiling face. You make holidays more fun. Really, you make every day more fun.

We love the way your hair curls up in ringlets after your bath. We love how you like to snuggle with us before bed at night and right after you get up in the mornings. We love it when you throw your head back when you want us to keep tickling you on your neck. We love it when you say "tickle tickle" and try to tickle us back. We love how happy you are to see us when we pick you up from school or the church nursery. We love how silly you are.

We love it when you say "uh-oh" just as you are about to throw something on the floor. We love it when you pick up the camera and say "cheese" or pick up a cell phone and say "hey!" We love how much you love Dora and Jay-Z and the theme song to "The Office." We love how much you love your grandparents and your aunts and uncles. We love to hear you call us Mama and Daddy.

We love how much you love your Lovie the lamb and how dirty and worn he is from all your loving. We love to hear you say "paaaaci" in the saddest, most pitiful voice when you want us to give you your paci, even though I totally planned on taking it away by now. We love hearing you repeat words that we say, and watching you learn new things so quickly. We love to pull you in your wagon, and to watch you play with other kids. We love how much you love to read books, and how you will actually be still and listen to a story now when we read. We love that you are obsessed with the words ball and baby and duck.

We love to see you growing up from a chubby-cheeked baby into a cute, precocious little girl. We love your independent, sassy nature, even though it tells us that there are more difficult days ahead in our parenting journey.

Really, we just love everything about you. The "new" has still not worn off, and every day we just marvel over how cute you are and the fact that you are ours. You are the light of our lives, and we are so thankful that God has trusted us to be your parents. You make us so, so happy, and in case you didn't know it, we love you.

Mama and Daddy


Katie said...

And yes, Mimi has got to be one of the most loved little girls in the whole world.

ccrager said...

What a precious post! I don't think the "new" ever wears off. What a blessing!! Give her a kiss from us.