Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Yes, I am down with O.P.P. Other people's pictures, that is. Just a little 90s rap reference for y'all. Ha!

I just had to share these recent photos that Katie and Lou Ann tagged me in on facebook. Lou Ann is a longtime Furr family friend, and she and her husband, John and their adorable children have lived in Las Vegas for the last several years. They have recently moved to D.C. for John's job. I believe he is some top secret military person, but I may be wrong on that, ha. Anyway, they are just precious, sweet friends and we were so glad to be able to let Amelia play with the kids while they were in Brookhaven for a few days during their move. Sadly, I came from work and did not have my camera, so I'm glad Lou Ann took a few photos and shared them.

Mimi made herself right at home with their toys, and she liked this car in particular.
Everything was great until she got out of the car, and Gabi hopped in. We are still working on our sharing skills.


Then the other day, Katie walked over with one of Amelia's pals, Emery. We usually stop by and play with them while we are out walking, and Amelia was so surprised and excited to see her friend had come to her house for a visit.

Amelia just loves playing with big girls, and Emery and her sister, Elizabeth are so sweet to her. I'll be back eventually this week to share a few more new photos. Hope this helps tide some of you over on your Amelia fix for a few days! (I'm talking to you, Uncle Chris :) )

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Anonymous said...

Grammy thinks she is going to have to go get this poor toy deprived baby one of those cars. She was just too pitiful.