Friday, June 4, 2010

Still Here!

Oh my goodness, it seems like I haven't updated in forever! My apologies to the few of you who check in for regular Amelia updates. Things have been pretty busy around our household lately in preparation for Mare's wedding. Every weekend has been filled with a party or shower, and I've had to use the weeknights to catch up on all the housework and stuff I'm missed during the weekend. That has left little time to blog.

But enough excuses! We're all doing great, and looking forward to the wedding next weekend in Florida. I, of course, am the wedding coordinator and I have lots of fabulous things planned for this beach reception! I can't wait to share the photos when we get back and our life settles back to normal again.

A quick Mimi update before I go: She is loving being at home with her new sitter Kellie this summer. I love that I don't have to get her up and dressed everyday, and that Kellie sends me Blackberry photos of Amelia having fun throughout the day. My summer work schedule has begun, and I get off at 12:30 on Fridays. After the wedding, I am looking forward to enjoying some lazy afternoons in the pool, and some playdates with friends.

I promise to be back with lots of new photos after the wedding, but in the meantime, just try and see if you can look at this girl without smiling!

(Next to last photo curtesy of Lindey, and the last one was Katie's. As if you couldn't tell that they were not my fab photography!)


Alison said...

Love her fabulous summer wardrobe :-) I'm also guilty of blog-neglect, opps!

Katie A. said...

She is so cute! The pool pics really make me wish we had a pool to enjoy, but I guess with all the rain lately I wouldn't be getting to enjoy it even if we had one, ha. And don't feel bad, because I also need to update our blog very badly!

ccrager said...

I was beginning to worry about the Furrs there for a minute, but now I feel much better;) And no, I couldn't keep from smiling while seeing this beautiful little girl. Take care!

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