Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Water Baby

Amelia loves the pool! Last year we spent as much time as possible swimming and this year is no different. She was recently introduced to the freedom that floaties give her and she loves it! She loves to jump in and go underwater. She keeps her eyes wide open and then comes up grinning. It is so dang adorable. She has even been swimming underwater a little, but it makes me a nervous wreck (due to a scare in the pool last year), so I have to leave those lessons up to someone else. Here are a few recent pool pics.

She calls floats "boats," ha. And she prefers the pink one. I won't talk about the fit she will throw if someone else is in the pink one.


ccrager said...

I can't get over these swimsuits!! Loving that bikini! Can't wait to let our girls swim together.

lindey magee said...

love, love this post! that pink bikini is too much!
mimi is quite the fish :o) i hope we didn't make you too nervous, but she's nothing short of a pro swimmer! xoxo