Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Beach Trip

We are back from our fabulous vacation in Florida! For those keeping count, this is our second time in as many months to go to Florida, but last time didn't count as a vacation since we were so busy with Mare's wedding. I had hoped to get to stay after the wedding and make a vaca out of it, but Cliff ended up having to come back to work for basketball camp so we decided another trip was in order.

As much as we adored Navarre, this time we decided to go a little further down the coast to Seaside, Florida, a place we've been wanting to spend a vacation forever. It's where they filmed the Jim Carrey movie, The Truman Show and it's just a super cute, family-friendly beach town. We've visited and eaten there before while staying in Sandestin, but Cliff and I really wanted to spend our whole trip there as opposed to the more crowded and commercialized areas around Destin.

I did a ton of research to find the perfect place for the three of us to stay and after determining that most of the cottages in Seaside were too big for us and out of our price range, we settled on Seagrove Villas Motel, a kind of kitchy little 50's style motel that has been renovated and converted into cottages and condos. It's right on the edge of Seaside and in a prime location right on the beach. It was perfect for us! See for yourself:

That hammock was about 10 steps from our little patio area. They were definitely not the most luxurious digs we've ever stayed in, but it was the perfect size for us, and you just really can't beat that location! I loved being on the first floor and being able to walk right out onto the grass and over to the pool or the beach. I cannot say enough how much we loved it there!

Some people like to go on vacation to shop, eat fancy meals and do activities like putt putt golf and waterslides. The Furr family likes to chill out on the beach, play in the pool and just relax. I'm sure in the coming years we will add more activities into our trips for Amelia's sake, but for now, I'm happy to just chill out on vacation.

Now don't me wrong, we enjoyed our share of delicious food, and Cliff and I even got a date night out by ourselves thanks to Katie coming down for a couple of days.

At night, we would go out into the cute little town to hang out. They have all kinds of family activities each day and night in the town square. Tons of families bring their blankets and lawn chairs and gather in the park to watch live bands and movies they show on an outdoor screen. I was so excited to get to watch a movie outside and we plopped our blankets down along with a ton of other people, but sadly they never showed it. It has rained an hour before, so I guess they just decided not to do it due to rain. Boo. We still had fun hanging out, people watching, and letting Mimi run around like a whild banshee.

Katie of course snapped a ton of pics, including some family photos on the beach. I love this one.

So that's our trip! We had a fabulous time and we can't wait to go back! (Labor Day weekend, anyone?)

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ccrager said...

Beautiful pictures!! This place looks amazing :)Sounds like our kind of vacation too!