Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Back to school

I'm a little late with the back to school post, and I really don't have an excuse other than just being tired when I get home every day. That, and my August TV schedule has been keeping me very busy at night after Amelia goes to bed. Those episodes of Project Runway and Rachel Zoe on the DVR are not going to watch themselves, y'all.

Anyway, August 16th was Amelia's first day back at school. She was moved up to the two-year old class this year since she will be two in a couple of months and we were excited about that. They have a curriculum that includes singing, free play, coloring and painting, reading, playing outside, potty training, and of course naptime. I was a little nervous about how Amelia would do on her cot as opposed to her crib at home, but her teacher, Ms. Stacy, said she has been falling right asleep, which I'm sure is due to her playing hard and wearing herself out. We are glad to be in Ms. Stacy's class again, although we miss Ms. Margaret from last year. Ms. Stacy was the teacher in the infant class that Mimi started attending at 12 weeks old, so they go way back.

She got in trouble one day last week for biting another child's finger and I was totally devastated. My sweet girl is a lot of things but a biter is not one of them. It turns out the victim was one of our friends and luckily she and her mom forgave Amelia, ha. Ms. Stacy told me today that it has not happened again and that Amelia does not give her a bit of trouble. She said she is well behaved, but does have to defend herself every once in a while with some of the other kids. I was glad to hear about no more biting. We didn't want our Mimi to get expelled from daycare!

She has already been sharing some of the things she has learned with us at home. She has started saying "milk" the correct way instead of "malk," which makes me a little sad. Her language has seemed to pick up with even more sentences. She asked to go on the "big girl" potty the other day, and she has been singing some new songs, with her favorite being "The Wheels on the Bus." Video to come soon. I have also noticed her counting and ABCs have gotten much better, and now she hardly leaves out any letters in the alphabet and can count to 16 (random but that's where she always stops) pretty consistently.

She has been walking in every morning like such a big girl, and we are so glad she took after me and seems to love school! And now a few pics:

Crazy bed head on back to school morning

Getting excited to go see her friends!

Curly pigtails make me happy.

I still sometimes struggle with mommy guilt for working full time and often wish I could have it both ways. But it makes it so much easier having to leave her knowing she loves her teacher and friends and is having a great time learning and playing all day. Plus it makes me treasure our time at home together so much more and I try not to waste a minute of it. So for today, the glass is half-full, just the way I like to keep it.


ccrager said...

AWW I love this Angela. And that is awesome about these ABC's! Wow. I know she loves school.

Katie A. said...

I love her pigtails! They are so cute and you always have her dressed in the cutest outfits to match!