Friday, January 14, 2011

She's got moves you've never seen

I don't think I've mentioned here before what a performer Amelia is. At home, she never stops singing and talking. If there are adults in the room that are talking amongst themselves and not noticing her, she immediately thinks she needs to climb up on a table and start performing something so that everyone will look at her. I didn't have high expectations for her to participate with the Wolf Pups at the game last night since she's been terrified of the wolf all year, but lately she has just been such a ham, I thought she might actually do it. I told her about it and she has been talking about it all week. She was pumped to say the last. At their practice (when the mascot was not in his costume) she danced and giggled the whole time. Loved it. But when show time came (and he had that costume on)...

...she FROZE. Bless her little heart, she was terrified. Of course we all died laughing, as any compassionate family members would. Fun times. The second it was over she ran into my arms.

Here are a few other pics I got of her and Daddy before the game.

Maybe she will be an athlete one day if this singing and dancing thing doesn't work out.


ccrager said...

Bless her sweet heart! But she stood up there so big!! And looked so cute... and that's really what matters. Love it!

~neisha~ said...

love this!