Friday, May 27, 2011

From my Blackberry

I cleared off a couple months' worth of pics from my Blackberry today, and I thought I'd share some randoms.

Elementary school pic of myself I ran across. Bless my heart.

Easter happies I made for Mimi's friends

Easter cupcakes I made for Mimi's class party

She picked this outfit out herself. I think the red shoes add a nice touch.

I love watching her fall asleep over the monitor.

Can't watch Toy Story in bed without having all her Toy Story friends with her.

Her hair is finally long enough for a real ponytail.

Sunday lunch at Fox's pizza

Practicing my golf swing at a golf tournament my office coordinates.

"Bermilla" ice cream cone


Never get tired of sleepy pics.

Lincoln County Carnival with Rivers

Flowers I arranged to place in memory of Cliff's mom at church

Who told her snowcones came in other colors besides white?!

Rockin at Cracker Barrel after church on Sunday

Having a drink at Glen's birthday party

I love a good side ponytail.

Picnic in the yard with the girls

Oh, just an adorable dress I made. Mimi told me she didn't like it. So mean!

Trying on a new swimsuit

Taking her baby for a stroll at my office

What she did while I was trying to get some work done while she was at my office

Some other stuff she did while hanging out with me at work

Fun at the splash park

Well, that was a whole lot of random, wasn't it? I never miss a photo op with the BB at my side!

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ccrager said...

Love all of these! And I love the ponytails too, so precious. My favorite is the outfit she picked out ;) Great job on the dress you made. I love it!