Monday, May 2, 2011


I know I'm totally late on an Easter post, but I wanted to document our memories for my own sake more than anything.

We had such a fun Easter weekend this year. Amelia is at such a fun age to enjoy all the little things that go along with holidays. This year I just wanted to capture every single moment on video and in photos because I know this time is fleeting. I know it won't be long when finding candy in a plastic egg won't thrill her as much, and getting dollar store happies in her Easter basket won't have nearly the appeal as it does now.

As always, I tried to cram as much fun and family time in our few days off as I possibly could. I actually didn't wear myself out as much as I usually do, so that was a bonus.

Here are just a few a million pics from the weekend.

Amelia was finally old enough to enjoy coloring eggs this year. It's so fun to experience these things through her eyes now.

Amelia caught on to hunting eggs quickly and loved it this year, so we ended up going to 4 egg hunts- one at our church, one at school, one at my parents' church and one at my grandparents'.

Katie snapped this pic at the hunt at my parents' church and it makes me LOL. What other kid had an entourage of six family members cheering along at her egg hunt? The answer would be none. What can we say- she is one loved little girl!
 In her Easter dress at my grandparents' after church on Sunday.

She picked up this egg, said it was dirty and threw it back down. She much preferred eggs that had candy inside. She wasn't even impressed with the one she found with a dollar in it, ha.

It was so fun playing Easter Bunny this year knowing how excited she would be about all the little things in her basket. Her reaction did not disappoint! She was so excited to see all her prizes and even broke out into all three verses of Mary Had a Little Lamb for Cliff while he was videoing her. I know that we will treasure these home videos for years to come as she grows older.

The Bunny was generous even though she wanted nothing to do with him in person. This year we didn't get Santa or Easter Bunny pics :(. Even so, he brought her a couple of DVDs (Charlotte's Web and Veggie Tales), some play dough (which she calls mato or tomato for some reason), bubbles, a swimsuit, some bracelets, new crayons and baby bottles, a lollipop, and of course peeps and a chocolate bunny.

I'm sad this is blurry. The light was dim due to the fact that she likes to wake up incredibly early on days that we can sleep in a little.

After a nutritious breakfast of bunny and lollipop, Katie came over to snap a few pics of her in her Easter dress before church. Her hair was still a little wet, but I thought these turned out so cute! As always, we are so grateful to have Katie around to document our lives with great photos!

Katie actually bought Mimi that dress last summer and she wore it once. I had another dress that I had bought at a consignment sale that I thought I'd let her wear for Easter, but after I looked at this one in the closet, it just screamed Easter to me.

And yes, I actually got a new dress too. You may recall last year that I ended up wearing the same dress as the year before due to an unforunate incident of me forgetting that I had planned to lose a few pounds to fit in it, ha.

After church, we headed to my grandparents' house to enjoy food with the family and egg hunting with all my cousins' kids. Amelia and Belle enjoyed eating together at the little table. They are only a couple of months apart in age.

 I love this pic I snapped of Amelia and my dad. Those two are so crazy about each other. Daddy's eyes look so blue with his pretty blue shirt and I love how it matches Mimi's dress.

Sadly, the only pic I got of her and Grammy was this one of them running after the big girls.

Speaking of big girls, Amelia is crazy about her big cousin, Janie. Janie is so sweet and patient with her. I adore this pic!
It reminds me of how crazy I was about Janie's mama, my cousin Tess, and her younger sister, Mandy, when I was little. I thought they were so cool and wanted to be just like them. They were always sweet to me too.

Ok, that was our Easter 2011! Just for fun, I will end with these fun pics of 2009 and 2010.

It's funny that she was making pretty much the same face in those pics. It reminded me that she wasn't great about smiling for photos when I wanted her to back then. While I'm glad she finally learned what to do when a camera is in her face, I am wondering, where did that baby go? I miss her!

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