Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Back to school

My kiddos started school last week. Graham started going to daycare at Co-Lin, and sister moved up to the big pre-school class. She has been so excited about it all summer. She already knew and liked her teacher, Miss Melissa, and she has been PUMPED about getting to play on the big kid playground. There were no first-day tears for any of us, and I'm so thankful! We are so blessed to have an amazing daycare and pre-school right on campus where we work. It's so comforting to know my whole family is near each other all day.

Amelia will have two years in this pre-school class before starting kindergarten. With an October birthday, she will be one of the oldest in her class, which for the most part will be an advantage, I think. I'm thankful we have a little time left to decide where we're going to send Amelia for kindergarten. We have a few options, and we are still thinking and praying about what will be best for our family.

Little brother has been doing great in Miss Margaret's class too, just like I knew he would. Amelia loved Miss Margaret when she was a baby, and I knew that Graham would too. She is a grandmother and I just love how she treats my babies like they are her own grandbabies and loves on them all day.

Back to school has meant a new routine for me in the mornings, and so far/so good. Adjusting to getting two ready and out the door has been a challenge, but we are surviving. Basketball season is right around the corner and that will be the true test on if I can survive with two kids on my own most of the time. I'm thankful Graham is an easy baby and Amelia is a great helper. There's no way I could handle it if he was as high-maintenance as she was.

Hoping for a great school year for all of us!

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ccrager said...

How exciting!I know you love having both your babies close all day. Amelia is such a doll and all grown up now. And that Graham looks like the happiest human on the planet. Such a cutie!