Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Graham at 5 months

Our sweet boy is growing so fast! At five months Graham:
  • is wearing size 6 months clothes, size two diaper, and size one shoe
  • is becoming a chunky monkey now that he is eating solids. I'm guessing he's probably around 15 pounds
  • LOVES his baby food! He eats cereal with fruit for breakfast, a veggie and fruit at lunch and a veggie and fruit for supper, with 3 bottles in between. He loves to eat! (wonder where he gets that, oops!)
  • still smiles, laughs and coos all the time
  • is able to sit up on his own for a little while, but is still wobbly
  • STILL has not rolled over. What in the world?
  • still loves his bath and has started kicking and splashing in the water more
  • adores his big sister! He has really started noticing Amelia and he grins and laughs at everything he says. It is the sweetest thing!
  • loves playing in his exersaucer, and just tried out a jumper in the church nursery and really liked it. Who remembers how much big sister hated those contraptions? He could not be more opposite than her as a baby!
  • can hold his own bottle and does, but still likes mama and daddy (or sometimes sister) to do it for him sometimes
  • is trying his hardest to cut some teeth. I feel a little something coming through on top and bottom but nothing yet. He drools and chews constantly.
  • is doing so good at daycare and loves his teacher, Miss Margaret
  • is getting better about not waking up in the night, but prefers to sleep with mama and daddy. How did we get here again? Ha ha. He starts off in his crib or bassinet, but ends up with us before the night is over. I am not nearly as stressed about getting him to sleep in his bed as I was with Amelia. To be honest, I enjoy the snuggling, and lately I've just done what I had to do to get some sleep! I know that this time passes so quickly and while I do want to keep trying to get him to sleep in his own bed, I'm not going to be upset if he ends up with us sometimes.
Here's some pics of our sweet man from this month:

Loving his carrots! Sidenote: I would have never allowed Amelia to wear this bib. Hers had to be cute and monogrammed. But this is one we were given for G, and that's all we have, so Donald Duck it is, ha!

Photo bomber!

Best big sister. Check out G's thighs!

Shout out to the makers of the exersaucer for allowing me to cook supper!

Does this look familiar? Yes, G loves a lovie just like big sister did. Here he's snuggling with one just like sister's, but he actually prefers a smaller monster lovie most of the time.

Although his reflux has gotten much better, this is still a pretty good depiction of Graham. He is still quite the little puker!

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ccrager said...

Love the videos! And I love a good Graham update, as well as a good chunky baby ;) He is just too cute! BTW when are we going to get these children together?!?!