Thursday, September 6, 2012

Little Wolves

We had our annual "Meet the Wolves" event last night, and of course my little Wolves came out to support Daddy and the basketball team. Amelia was so excited to perform with the little Wolfpups, and for the first time in almost 4 years, she is not afraid of the wolf mascot anymore! This is huge, y'all. She has been asking to go to Disney World (my worst nightmare, but that's a whole other post, ha), but since she has always been so afraid of the wolf and any other character, I told her there's no way we're paying to go see Mickey until she can give the wolf a high five. Well, she finally is not scared of him anymore, and had a lot of fun cheering and dancing with her friends. I took a few pics, but they were too far away and turned out too blurry.

She was so busy running around and playing that she didn't want to stop and smile for me, but she was happy to do it when I asked her to pose with her friend Aubree. How cute are these girls together?

 This guy is never too busy to smile for Mama. I know he's mine, but isn't he precious? #sweetestbabyever

This was my failed attempt at a photo of my children together. Sister wanted to get back up and play and it was brother's first time to sit in the grass and he was fascinated. You can tell she's saying "cheese" but was not into it.

Again, Amelia was too busy playing for more photos, but I did get this cute one of Daddy and G.

We love our jobs at Co-Lin, and we're proud to be members of the Wolfpack! I'm excited to bring Graham along to our events this year. I hope he grows up to love Co-Lin as much as his parents and sister.

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