Thursday, October 25, 2012

Quick catch-up

As usual, October has flown by in a busy but fun blur. I just finished up my biggest event of the year at work, Homecoming, and had a few minutes to share a few of our recent photos. I have lots more fun things to share soon after I wrap up Amelia's birthday party parties this weekend. Of course, then basketball starts the next week, so the running around never really ends. Luckily, we like being busy and on-the-go most of the time and G is pretty content to just go with the flow, thank goodness.

We did a photo shoot with Katie a few weeks ago specifically for Graham, but we jumped in for a family pic at the end and I'm so glad we did.

Graham isn't wearing a shirt because we had just been photographing him in just his jeans on top of a hay bale, ha, and sister still had her braids in from earlier that day and after a nap. Sometimes the non-staged/coordinated pics turn out to be your favorites. Katie took a bunch more that I hope to share soon when she gets them ready. We are so blessed to have her in so many ways, but the great photos are a nice perk.

And can we just talk about how cute this boy is?

I know he's mine, but good gracious. He is as sweet as he is pretty! And yes, his eyes are really that blue. We took these pics in the field behind Cliff's grandparents' house, and we stopped in to see them before going out. Katie thought to grab one of Papaw's fedoras before we left and got this precious pic of G in his great-grandfather's hat. Priceless.

Sister has been in her share of photos lately too, of course. She was asked to be the flower girl in Cliff's cousin Kaitlyn's wedding, and I was so proud to hear what a good job she did. Yes, I only got to hear about it since the wedding was on Homecoming day and I couldn't make it, boo.

This was her third wedding to be the flower girl in in her almost 4 years, and after two failed tries (she was only 18 months old in Mare's so it doesn't qute count), she finally nailed it. I was proud of myself for whipping up her dress too! Tutus and tutu dresses are super easy. No way was I paying over 100 bucks for it when I knew I could do it myself.

I hope to be back soon with posts about other fall fun like our trip to the fair, as well as a post about Graham at 7 months, and sister's 4th birthday. Wow! So many fun things to talk about, so little time. The Furr family is blessed, indeed.

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ccrager said...

Love these the pictures of Graham... he is so beautiful! And did you say you MADE her dress?! So impressive! You never cease to amaze me. Can't wait to see y'all very soon.