Monday, February 11, 2013

G at 10 months

I think it's safe to say that Christmas, part two is just not going to happen. Whatever. It's basketball season. But I do, of course, have to update so that I'll remember sweet baby G at 10 months. Goodness gracious, how did we get here so fast? He turned 11 months on Friday. You know what that means... Birthday party planning time!

 At 10 months, our sweet boy:
  • FINALLY started crawling. Now he is on the move and into everything. We had a good run of him staying put where I leave him, and now he's making up for lost time. He is pulling up and cruising around the furniture too.

  • weighs about 21 pounds and wears mostly 12 month clothes, a size 3 or 4 diaper and a 3 shoe.
  • has two teeth on bottom, and a couple are poking through on top. 
  • is getting more hair and even has a few curls. Be still my heart. 

  • is doing a lot of jabbering, and says mama, dada and bye-bye. He loves to mimic sounds and has a few other "almost words" that he says. 
  • still loves his bath and loves to splash like a crazy boy. 
  • still gets excited about meal times and is eating some table food. He doesn't turn much down, and he still really likes his baby food. He is not a fan of puffs or other baby snacks besides yogurt melts. He loves those. He also loves any kind of ice cream. He gets that from me. 
  • Has started playing with toys a little more, and this is his favorite one. Thanks to "Aunt" Kelsey for that one. He loves any ball. 
  • still sleeps great in his crib, PTL! He prefers not to be rocked, and goes right to sleep at night and sleeps for about 12 hours at a time. He still takes a morning and an afternoon nap at home, but usually only takes one when he's at school. I should mention here that he adores his teacher, Miss Margaret more than ever. All of the girls at the daycare just go nuts over him and talk about how sweet and happy he is. 
  • got to see his very first snow! We only got a dusting, but he liked it. 
  • is such a good little fan at Daddy's ball games. He is good to sit in my lap and clap and watch the game, and he especially loves watching the Colettes dance. Typical male, ha. He also really likes the wolf mascot, but gets a little scared when he gets too close. 

I can't believe we've almost had our happy boy for a year. We can barely remember life without him!

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