Thursday, March 7, 2013

G at 11 months

I had to finally get G's 11 month post up today since he is turning one tomorrow! I know parents always say this, but I really can't believe it. He did not want to sit down for his 11 month picture this time. I love looking back over how he has grown. When I ever get around to putting his 12 month post up I will post them all together. 

At 11 months, our sweet Graham:

  • wears 12 months clothes, size 3 or 4 shoe and has moved up to a size 4 diaper
  • has started eating mostly table food, but still enjoys his baby food. He still will eat pretty much anything you give him.
  • has two bottom teeth, two top teeth and some more coming through on top any day
  • weaned himself from his bottle on his own :(
  • has gotten to be a super fast crawler and loves going in sister's room best of all. His favorite thing to play with in her room is her toy kitchen. He is pulling up and cruising, but not close to walking yet.
  • has started to notice television and will watch for a few seconds, but isn't too into it yet. 
  • loves our dog Cash and looks for him when I ask, "Where's Cash?" or "Where's the dog?" Just another example of how he could not be more different than his sister.
  • does this funny thing where he shakes his head as if saying 'no' when he is really happy. He will just grin and shake his head around. He will also grin and mimic you if you do it. It is so precious. 
Dr. Love and sister on Valentine's day

He loves helping sister cook!

Not much has changed for our sweet boy from last month, but it does appear from these photos that he is growing like a weed. I can't wait to celebrate his birthday this weekend and share photos and a recap post soon!

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