Friday, May 24, 2013

Springtime catch-up

Disclaimer: Super long post!

Let's play catch-up, shall we? As always, we have had a super busy springtime. Between two full-time working parents, church and church activities, dance, birthday parties, and fitting in all the playing and fun that we can, there is always something going on with the Furr family. And that's just the way I like it! Our laptop has been broken for a while, and we haven't replaced it yet, so that's the main reason for my lack of blogging and photos, but I do have some phone pics and Aunt Katie snaps to share.

We didn't do much for spring break, other than some fun days spent at home and a trip to the Lynn Meadows Discovery Center on the coast. Sister enjoyed following in Mama's footsteps as a grocery store cashier.

She also got her very first haircut at four years old!

We've been cultivating that beautiful head of hair for four long years, ha ha. She was so proud of her trim.

Cliff and I both set fitness goals in 2012, and we're both well on the road to achieving them. He has lost 50 pounds and completed a 5K. I never thought I'd see the day for that!

I finally lost all of my baby weight (only took a year this time), and did a 5K of my own.
Nerd alert for just having my secretary take this photo in my office. It's casual Friday, obviously. Just wanted to compare  to show how much I had to overcome, ha!

I still really don't like running, but I was glad to complete a goal. Since the weather has gotten too hot for me to run on my lunch break at work (and still look like a decent human being afterwards), I have been doing Jillian Michaels DVDs in my office. She is brutal but good. I wore some pants from my honeymoon the other day. Holla!

Back to the kids. We had a fun Easter and did lots of egg hunting!

(I have better photos trapped on my camera.)

We've done lots of playing outside around the house. G is secure in his manhood enough to swing in his hand-me-down swing!

Lots of firsts for our big girl in the past couple of months:

First sleepover

She had a blast!
First field trip

 First end of the year school program


She had her very first dance recital! I've been dreaming of this day since I had the sonogram that told me she was a girl! She did so good, and loved every minute of it. So fun!

Finally, the biggest thing going on around here has been a wrap-up of pre-school and daycare and the start to summer fun. I can't believe how much these two have grown and changed this school year.

We've been so blessed to have them here with us at Co-Lin, and they both have had wonderful teachers. I'm pretty sure G loves Miss Margaret more than me, and Amelia thinks Miss Melissa hung the moon. She has learned to write her name and all the letters of the alphabet and how they sound, can sound out and recognize some words, can recognize and write all of her numbers and count to over 100, is learning about science, and so much more. One more year of pre-school and then it's on to K5 for our girl. She just loves to learn and I am so glad. G did lots of learning at school too, but I think they baby him quite a bit, ha. He is finally walking now that he's home for the summer. Still not full-time, but we're getting there. A post on that will be forthcoming when the big day arrives!

Since school got out they've been enjoying time at home with a sitter and we've been getting out for some fun in the sun when mama and daddy get home.

 Bring on summer!

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