Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Quick Update

Not a lot of new stuff going on but I still wanted to update. My appointment last week went well. I am finally gaining weight! Seven pounds in one month! Yikes! Gotta lay off the Snickers! My doctor wasn't worried. She said it was perfectly normal and mine just crept up in the same month. Still, it was quite a shock to hear 7 pounds!

We are still working on the nursery. After looking over tons of paint samples, I finally picked out paint, and Cliff is in the process of painting now. We have the crib and bedding in, and are waiting for some of the other furniture to arrive. It is under construction and looks pretty messy right now, but I promise to take a pic when it looks presentable.

And for those who have been asking for me to take a pregnancy pic, I am sorry to be such a slacker! I will post this one of my friend Misti and me from her baby shower Sunday. She is about 10 weeks ahead of me. It scares me to wonder what I will look like in 10 more weeks!

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