Wednesday, February 4, 2009

First week of college and already learning new tricks!

Ms. Stacy informed me yesterday when I went to pick up Amelia that she rolled over for the first time! I had mixed emotions- first I wanted to cry because I missed her first big milestone, but then I was so happy and proud of her accomplishment. I'm so amazed at how she develops new skills almost weekly. She is just growing and changing so fast.

I hoped she would do it again at home last night, but she was so pooped out from performing at daycare, that she took a 2 hour nap when we got home, then woke up for a bottle and then went back to sleep for the night! It's hard to just let her hang out on the floor by herself when we're home with her. We just end up holding her and playing with her. But I've got to see this new trick for myself.

These are just a couple of pics I took a couple of weeks ago. She was laughing and smiling on her boppy, then of course when I tried to get a pic, she gives me the blank stare in the second photo.

It has finally happened. I knew it would. I have not had as much time to take pics and there have been several days when there is no photographic evidence of Amelia! For the longest time, there was a photo taken every single day of her life. Tragically, I've been a slacker on this the last couple of weeks. I promise to do better.

These days she is just crazy about her daddy. She smiles at everything he says. If I can catch him home long enough, I will have to do a little photo shoot of him making her smile and laugh. Maybe I can even get a pic of her doing her newest rolling over trick!


Deare Diary said...

You will be a professional at taking pictures before long. I love all of the pictures. Alex has been gone for a couple of weeks working storm in Arkansas. Belle is learning and doing so many things that she was not doing before he left. He can't stand it. He is really homesick to see his family. They are talking about 8 more weeks before thay release him! Belle might be crawling by then. Oh are welcome to come get on my eliptical any time you want to and I will even babysit!!!!
Love ya,
Aunt Judy

lindey said...

she's adorable! love the polka dots :o)