Sunday, February 1, 2009

Bathrobe, Miss America, and first day of school

We survived the first week of our new life. Me, as a working mom, and Amelia as a college student! We both did surprisingly well. We have really enjoyed our weekend. I've barely left the house. Cliff and I have both spent most of our time just loving on our sweet girl. Not getting to spend all day every day with her makes me appreciate my time with her so much more.

Amelia seems to like her teacher, Ms. Stacy. I wanted to take their pic together last week, but I didn't want Ms. Stacy to think I'm a nerd. Thought I'd at least wait a couple of weeks before I let her see the real me. But she is very sweet to Amelia and the other 4 babies in her class. Soon I will take a pic of her with her new friends. Although I am sad that we can't spend all day together, I'm glad that Amelia will have friends her age at school, and will get a chance to learn important lessons like sharing and being kind to others. At least I hope that's what she learns at daycare. She'll probably pick up a few not-so-sweet life lessons too!

Here are a few of our recent photos.

All bundled up for a trip to Wal-Mart with Mommy on a cold day. I failed to capture a photo of the meltdown she had in Wal-Mart when she woke up and realized she was hot with a hat and blanket on. I ended up carrying her and pushing the buggy. One of the joys of being a mother! It was funny seeing the sympathetic looks I got from other moms who have obviously been there.
Cute and cuddly in her robe and slippers after a bath.

Watching Miss America in our pjs. Hopefully this will be the first of many more girly nights to come. We had fun talking about whose hair was too big, whose dress was tacky (what's up with winners in long sleeves 2 years in a row?), and of course scrutinizing everyone in the swimsuit competition! What a shame Mississippi won in swimsuit and didn't even make Top 15. We were robbed! When she is older we will discuss the importance of inner beauty, but this year we were pretty catty, ha.

I also have to point out how much Amelia loves American Idol! It is definitely her favorite show. We're ready for the competition to actually begin. She also likes watching ESPN with daddy. Ok, really she is just fascinated with tv, and these are the shows that are on for her to watch. We are going to have to cut down her tv viewing to an hour a day.
Here we are all packed up and ready to leave for our first day of school! Check out her tiny backpack.
A reminder to family- if you want to order any photos from her 3 month shoot with Lindey, go here in the next week or so. All of the photos will be available to choose from at the end of the year, but I'm not sure if this gallery will come down in the meantime. Remember to click on the photography site, client viewing, and the password is 'amelia.' I would love feedback on your faves! I want to order a few for now, and then decide on big stuff at the end of her one year session, but I am having a hard time choosing.

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