Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What's wrong with this picture?

Any guesses?  Perhaps this will help.

Yes, anytime you've seen Amelia sleeping in the past year and a half, chances are, she has had a paci in her mouth. She didn't care much for it for the first six months of her life, but some time after that, she developed a deep affection for it. I've been dreading the day that we actually had to say goodbye to our dear friend, but I knew that as she approached age two, it was time. I tried a couple of tactics that were not well received in the past couple of months, but on a whim Sunday night we were playing before bed and she threw her paci on the floor. Later, she asked for it and I said, "It's gone. You threw it down." She eventually went to sleep and I thought that maybe there was hope for us after all.

I told her teacher yesterday about our small victory and she promised to try to help. When naptime came at school, Amelia went to her cubby looking for her paci and Ms. Stacy said, "It's not in there, Amelia." She said Amelia then just went to her cot with Lovie and went to sleep! Who knew? We tried again last night and she asked for it once, but I just told her it was gone. She whimpered a little, but eventually did go to sleep without it, although I know it would have happened quicker if she had had her paci.

If we can make it through today, and then tonight, I will really feel like we've accomplished something! Don't they say that it takes three days to make or break a habit? Or something like that... Anyway, PTL for no paci (and hopefully no speech therapy due to prolonged paci use like her father had to do as a child. Ha!) The only downside to no paci: She NEVER stops talking! I do love to hear her sweet little voice, but when it's time to go night night, or when Mama is trying to watch the Real Housewives of Atlanta, it's time for quiet!


ccrager said...

OMG! This is huge, Angela! But I must say, I think you lucked up in this area :) B would go nuts- ha! We are down to just a sleep "pappy" which is major for us. Congrats!! I am very happy for this accomplishment :)

Anonymous said...

Don't panic Amelia! Grammy and Papa just happen to have an extra one at there house. Just kidding Angela, but it does make us sad that she is growing u so fast. Love Grammy