Sunday, October 31, 2010

Amelia's Milk and Cookies Party

I have finally recovered from the party enough to blog about it and post some more photos! When I was trying to come up with a follow-up to the first birthday party, I looked at lots of my fave party blogs for inspiration. After coming across these adorable parties, I just thought milk and cookies would be a perfect fall party for a two year old. Who doesn't love milk and cookies, right? I knew that I wanted to give our party a more colorful spin than the ones I had seen in blogland.
And colorful it was!

I'll keep the commentary to a minimum and just let the fab photos by my friend Lindey speak for themselves.



I have to give credit for the adorable tiered trays. I saw the idea here and just knew they'd be perfect for our party. I added a coat of a food-safe sealant I found at Home Depot so I could serve cookies on them without killing our guests.

I made the cookies pops myself. It took forever, but I just didn't want to pay what they were selling for elsewhere. It was fun learning some new tricks. It was my first time to work with royal icing and I was pleased with how they turned out. I just love the internet for teaching me so many new things and providing so many great ideas!


The banner, cupcake toppers, favor tags and all other paper goods were courtesy of one of my favorite party girls, Kim at the TomKat studio. Back in the summer when I started planning, I posted on her facebook wall hoping one of her fans might know where I could find a cute cookies and milk invitation. To my surprise and delight, Kim contacted me herself and said she had been dying to design a collection around this theme. I was so pleased with how it all turned out.

I loved using some of the photos Lindey took of Amelia this year along with the fun storyboard she made from the invitation photo shoot to decorate the food table. 


There were several disasters on party day and the days leading up to the party that led to much stress for me, but luckily most of the guests never knew the difference. And even though the cake fell apart on the drive to the party, I was able to save the top tier and the birthday girl didn't seem to mind.

She loved opening her gifts! Well, for a while, anyway. She wasn't a fan of some of her guests getting in her personal space and touching her stuff and she may or may not have bitten one of them and had to have a time out. Sorry again, Pay!

While lots of things didn't go according to what I had planned, we still had a great party and we had fun celebrating with lots of our friends and family. Thanks again to everyone who came and to everyone who helped make yet another over the top party happen for this cute girl!

I am already saying I am going to scale it down next year, but some people are saying they will have to see it to believe it, ha. We shall see in a year!

And because I always wish others would share on their party posts:
Amelia's shirt: Addy Reece Boutique
pettiskirt: Patiecakes
paper straws: CDK designs
banner, cupcake toppers, cake topper, favor tags, cookie jar labels: The TomKat Studio
polka dot baloons: Polka Dot Market
large milk bottles: Crate and Barrel (I have since seen them at Wal-Mart)
small milk bottles: reused Starbucks frappucino bottles


Katie A. said...

Ok, I always say when I have kids I'm doing a family only party until they are 5 or 6, and then I see posts like yours. The theme and decorations are all TOO adorable and put me in the party planning mood. I have no doubt that no matter how hard I tried, I could never plan as fabulous as a party as you, but at least I'm inspired, ha! Absolutely LOVE it!

~Jamie Kubeczka~ said...

This is just too cute! I am dying to try this party out on one of my kids.. they would love it!

The Andersons said...

I saw where you posted that you lost your pictures, but I came to see the details on your milk and cookies party anyways! I have a link to someone who has pictures of it if you want to try getting those. :) I know what it is like losing pictures, especially of our little ones!