Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus

Sunday afternoon, we went to the first birthday party for our friends, Chad and Anna's sweet little Lily. It was a Winter "One"derland theme, and it featured Santa Claus as a special guest. We had been trying to get Amelia pumped up to see Santa, and she actually did get kind of excited, until he started saying, "Ho, Ho, Ho!"

That's when she realized that it wasn't really Santa; it was her daddy! And of course she announced to everyone at the party, "It's Cliff!" Ha! Sometimes she calls him Cliff and I think it is hilarious. Cliff isn't a huge fan of it. I'm sure it's because she hears me call him that. Mare used to call our dad "Honey" when she was little because that's what my mom called him. I love stuff like that.

We had a great time at the party, and Cliff made an awesome Santa Claus. We'll be able to see how Amelia feels about the REAL Santa Claus, when we go to meet him Friday with Lindey and Pay. Photos to come!

(PTL that all my work projects are done for a while, and I am free to blog again!)


ccrager said...

This is so, so funny!! I love it. Maybe Amelia will like Santa more than B did ;)

Julie Ard James said...

How funny!!! Cliff would make a great Santa!! Arden calls her daddy Patrick too, I think it's funny!! :) Merry Christmas to ya'll!