Thursday, December 9, 2010

Playing catch-up

Oh, I am so over myself for letting a month go by without blogging! This time of year is so crazy busy for everyone, and especially for us since it's basketball season and Cliff is gone a lot. I have been using most of my Mimi-free time to do chores or work on my newest hobby, sewing.

But here I am today with a re-cap of some of the things we've been up to lately, for my memory's sake, more than anything else since these photos have already been shared with most of you on facebook.

We've spent some time at one of our favorite places, Kids Kingdom.

We had a Mama/Mimi morning out with breakfast at Cracker Barrel with just the two of us and her dolls followed by a stop at the park.

Don't tell her, but word on the street is Santa is getting her a swingset. She is going to DIE over it. Swings are her very favorite thing in the world.

We've gone to birthday parties,

out to lunch with Papaw Bob and Joyce after church

and decorated a pink tree of her very own for her room.

Last week we enjoyed one of our favorite holiday traditions, the Brookhaven Christmas parade. We live close to downtown, so it's fun to walk down with Amelia in the wagon. We went with our neighbors/friends, the Hutsons, and Amelia got to play with one of her favorite people, Elizabeth (wiza-bet). Mimi's other fave big girl, Emory was walking in the parade with her gymnastics group.

I have loved her in a lot of outfits over the past two years, but I don't think I've ever loved her more than in that hat that Aunt Kaki knitted for her with her peacoat, sweater dress, tights and boots. It was just too much! We had a ball at the parade even though it was freezing. Mimi loved getting to play with her friends, watching the floats and bands, and picking up candy. She stayed up until 11 that night and only gave it up when Katie offered to drive her around the neighborhood! We will not be making of habit of letting her eat suckers at 8:30 at night.
That's just a little taste of what's been keeping us so busy. Work is dying down, and we're almost out for Christmas break. I promise to be back to better blogging (oh I heart alliteration) in the very near future!

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ccrager said...

Yay for new Mimi pictures!Looks like y'all have been having fun. I had a fit over the parade outfit as well. Too cute!!