Wednesday, September 28, 2011

15 weeks

Just a quick pregnancy update. I'm 15 weeks this week, and I had my monthly check-up Monday. Everything looked great (whew!), and the baby's heartbeat was music to my ears. Somehow I have not gained any weight, however if you see my belly and boobs you would think that is impossible. My doctor had told me last month that she wouldn't make me wait a whole month before having me back for an ultrasound. So I speculated that she'd tell me to come back in a week, maybe two weeks, and we would finally know who this new member of our family is. Wrong! She was so generous to knock it down from a month to three whole weeks, ugh! My impatience is killing me!

I go back and forth on whether I think it's a boy or girl. The heart rate was in the 140s, and the wives tale suggests that means boy. Amelia's heartrates were always significantly higher than that, so it's not too far fetched. But honestly, I don't think the heartrates or the Chinese gender predictor tests mean anything at all. For the record, the Chinese say it's a girl. Amelia agrees, and says her name is either Allison or Molly, ha.

Boy or girl, we feel like it would be a win/win. We are just so grateful to be having a healthy pregnancy so far, and are praying for a healthy baby. Another girl would be precious (and convenient), but a boy would be a new and exciting adventure. I would love for Amelia to have a little sister like I had, but on the other hand, I'd love for Cliff to be able to have that father/son connection like I have with our daughter. Plus, my sister just had a boy, and it would be sweet for them to grow up being best friends, and I'm sure she would share her hand-me-downs with us. So really, win/win either way. I'm just dying to know!

October 18 is the official ultrasound day. I would love nothing more than to find a way to get it done earlier, but I suppose it's not really THAT long, and I can try to be patient. As far as symptoms go, my appetite and energy level are picking up, but I still don't really enjoy food that much (Who am I?), and I feel pretty wiped out at the end of the day. But overall, I can't complain one bit.

Since posts without pics are boring, here's a few pics of the big sis that Katie took a few weeks ago. (And yes, I will take a belly pic eventually for memories' sake, but mama is just not feeling very cute right now! Mimi pics are way more fun.)

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ccrager said...

Yay for a pregnancy post! :):) Hmmm, I'm guessing boy this time just because you have felt so bad. (But how were you with Amelia??) Love the precious pictures of her!! She is just too cute... and funny!