Friday, September 23, 2011


Amelia says something hilarious every single day. I am so mad at myself when I don't write them down because I always forget. She is already starting to pronounce words correctly when just weeks ago she had her own version of them. I have to admit, it makes me a little sad when she says "french fries" now instead of "inch fries." Luckily, she still says "bemember" instead of "remember." I will hold onto it as long as I can. Here are a few other things she's said lately:
  • "You did it! Good job, Mama!" after I got her a snack and turned on a cartoon she wanted to watch.
  • "Will you read me a bednight story?"
  • When saying her prayers, "Thank you, God, for me," before listing all the other things she's thankful for. I think this is because I always say "Thank you, God, for Mimi, and for letting me be her mama" each night when we say our prayers together before bed.
  • "Take a patient," meaning "Be patient" while talking to her doll.

Take a patient from Angela Furr on Vimeo.

  • Again, talking to her doll: "Audrey, you sit right here and don't fall." And then when she falls over, you know, because she is a doll, Amelia says, "Now, see, that's why Mama told you not to fall." (I laugh because she talks to her dolls exactly the way I talk to her.)
  • "I can't wait to go to gymnaskets today." I think I heard her say it correctly the other day, though. Sad.
  • "Amelia, what is Daddy's job?" Amelia: "He's a basketball player!"
  • "Don't forget your baby, Mare!" Yelling to Mare in the middle of a restaurant as we were getting up to leave. Mare had Jackson in his carseat right next to her. 
And just because he's so precious, here's a few pics of the sweet boy. I took these a few weeks ago when we went to visit them during Labor Day weekend. He's already bigger and even cuter.

    And one more of the girl, just because. This was her practicing her smile before picture day at school the other day.
    So many more Mimi-isms that I can't think of right now! I have GOT to make myself at least write them down so that I will remember to blog them later. This girl cracks us up.

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