Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Graham at eight months

Eight months was a big month for Graham. Back in November and December. Oops. I wrote this over a month ago, and it's been sitting in the drafts folder waiting for a photo. But at last here I am to catch up on my baby's memory keeping. .At eight months our sweet G:
  • Finally got teeth! After months of gnawing and slobbering, those little two on the bottom popped up at the same time shortly after he turned eight months.
  • started sleeping all night in his own crib. While I was nursing, he slept in the bassinet beside our bed, and usually ended up in the bed with us at some point in the night. When he outgrew the bassinet a month or so ago (it's a large one, ha), I started putting him in his crib to start the night, but he never lasted long and  eventually ended up with us. Not sure what happened, but it was just like something clicked and he started sleeping all night in it at eight months. It's so strange waking up and seeing him sleeping peacefully on the monitor. Since Amelia slept with us until she was two, it finally feels like we're getting our money's worth out of the crib and bedding, ha.
  • started making strides towards crawling, but didn't go all the way quite yet. He would go from a sitting position onto his belly, but only succeeded in moving backwards a little bit. He's was still pretty content to just sit still and I have been very OK with that!
  • started waving all the time and saying "bye-bye." He also makes the "da-da" sound but I don't think he associates it with Cliff yet. He waves at everyone and just grins at them until they wave back and it is so precious. He is such a friendly little guy!
  • has absolutely no interest in playing with toys. This should make Santa's job easy!

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