Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Graham at nine months

Nine months was a month of continued growth and trying new things for our sweet boy. We enjoyed a week at home together for Thanksgiving and over two week at home for Christmas during this month, so we have had lots of time together. Here are some highlights from month nine:
  • wearing mostly 12 months clothes and a size 3 diaper during the day and a 4 at night.
  • has two 6 oz bottles a day, and usually one more at night
  • still has just the two bottom teeth
  • still loves all of his baby food and is great at self feeding little snacks and yogurt melts. He cleans his tray off in lightening speed.
  • becoming a chunky monkey! Not sure what he weighs now, but he was 20 pounds the last time we went to the doctor a month or so ago.
  • started doing better at drinking from his sippy cup. He likes to drink it while you hold it for him like a little bottle calf, ha. But he can and does hold it himself when he wants to.
  • really started mimicking sounds more. "Ma-ma-ma" comes mostly when he's whining and wants me to pick him up. "Da-da-da" is all the dang time. I think he's starting to get that that means Cliff, and I'm pretty sure he knows I'm mama. Can't wait to see what he will call sister. He will also wave bye-bye and say the words a lot. Sometimes he just randomly starts waving at people and it is so precious.
  • loves playing outside, swinging, and playing on the trampoline.
  • really improved his crawling skills, but mostly just army crawling and going backwards. Still has been pretty content to stay in the same place for a while.
  • loves his teacher at school, Miss Margaret, and his Sunday School teachers, Miss Sandra, Miss Kim and Miss Chris.
  • kicks his feet wildly when he gets excited about something. Examples of kick worthy moments: when he sees his bottle, when I pick him up from school, when I get his food ready to feed him, when Amelia comes into the room, when Cliff comes home, and once he was so tired that he kicked when I took him in his room and walked over to put him in his bed. Sweet, sweet boy.

Best friends

Sweetest boy ever!

Just being Christmassy on his nine month birthday with Sister

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