Monday, April 8, 2013

Graham's wild rumpus first birthday party

We had so much fun celebrating our year with Graham with a "Where the Wild Things Are" themed party! It has always been one of my favorite children's books and I decided while I was still pregnant with Graham that we would do a party based on the book for his first birthday.

I have tried to learn from my mistakes with Amelia and have enjoyed this year with Graham as a bit of a do-over in parenting, ha. One thing I learned is to not stress too much over the birthday party that you actually miss out on celebrating your child's birthday. I didn't go nearly as over-the-top with G's party as I may or may not have done for Amelia, but I thought it turned out cute, and we had a great time celebrating our sweet boy with our family and friends. I'll let the photos speak for themselves! As always, fabulous photography by Aunt Katie. Party details and sources at the end.

He had plenty of help blowing out his candle. 


G and his sweet friends from church (and their mamas!)

Still going strong afte the party

Sister, however, couldn't hang. 

We had such a good time celebrating with our family and G's little friends. That baby LOVED his cake! He cried when I took it away, but got over it before we could even get a photo of his meltdown when he realized he still had plenty to lick on his fingers. :) Unlike his sister, who was pretty dainty and ladylike with her smash cake, this boy had to leave his party guests to go take a bath before he could re-join the fun! And what was I thinking with that black icing? Oh well, the t-shirt may be stained, and the bib I sewed may not look the same, but the memories are so worth it!


I had the cake made locally , but I got the idea here
I made the Max costume myself and found the tutorial here.
Idea for cut-outs came from here. I had an art student at Co-Lin make them for me. I loved how they turned out!
Cookie favor tags from here
Wild things t-shirt from here

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