Monday, April 28, 2008

Boy or Girl- The Countdown is On!

We went in for our 12 week appointment today, although I am almost 13 weeks now. Everything was good. Somehow I haven't gained any weight, even though my boobs have doubled in size (sorry, maybe TMI!) and my belly is really poking out now. The baby's heart beat was strong at 160 beats per minute. Today's appointment was special because it was Cliff's first time to get to hear the heart beat. He couldn't miss school for my 6 week appointment when I got to hear it for the first time.

Now the countdown is on until May 28th- when I go back for an ultrasound to determine the gender! I don't know how some people wait until delivery to find out. I am such a planner- I can't wait to know if our nursery will be decorated in pink or blue! Of course, we don't care either way, but I am feeling girl. I did dream 2 nights ago that it was a boy, and I was thrilled, so I honestly don't care.

Post your guesses in the comment section. There is, of course, no prize involved, and the chances of being correct are 50/50, but it is fun to guess! Let me know what you think it is!


Anonymous said...

You're having a little girl, at least that's what I think!

Love ya,


~neisha~ said...

GIRL. I told you it's GIRL season. Gotta go with the gut instinct with this one... definitely GIRL.

mom said...

It does not matter to me. But it sure would be nice to have a little curly red haired girl like her mommy.
Love Mom

Anonymous said...

I hope it is a sweet baby girl. So we can buy pretty dresses. Justin said he is ready to spoil him/her.