Sunday, November 9, 2008

My little baby doll

I am having so much fun dressing up my little princess in cute outfits everyday! She would fuss when having her clothes changed at first, but now she doesn't mind at all. And she just loves wearing big bows in her hair! Her Aunt Katie took the precious picture at the top today. Baby girl didn't even flinch during all the snapping! Glad she is getting used to our routine, ha. The others are from her tutu photo session with Mommy and Aunt Mar the other day.
She is almost 2 weeks old now and is already going longer between feedings which is giving me some much needed rest. I don't want to brag too quickly because things could change soon, but she is such a good baby!
We are looking forward to Thanksgiving, even though we probably won't even leave the house. Our hearts are just filled with thanksgiving every day to God for His precious blessing!

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~neisha~ said...

love, love, love the tutu! such precious pictures!