Thursday, November 20, 2008

Our first stroll

The weather was so nice today, so we decided to get out and stroll around the neighborhood. We both enjoyed it so much! I thought the stroller would put her to sleep, but she was wide awake the whole time.

Daddy documented us getting ready to go on our first stroll. He couldn't join us because of another dumb basketball game. Ok, I didn't mean that. We are thankful that basketball helps pay our bills! I'm just mad we can't go to his games yet and he can't hang out with us all the time.

We stopped in to visit our friend Tucker who lives down the street. He was born just 5 days after Amelia.

Amelia could not understand why he wouldn't wake up to play with her! Maybe next time. Oh and yes, I am aware that I finally posted a photo of my baby without a ginormous bow in her hair! We don't have to wear one everyday, just almost everyday.


Katie Furr said...

You look fabulous in that top picture! I mean I know I see you everyday but you look awesome! And I love the wide awake pictures of Amelia. Sweet baby!

~neisha~ said...

Dito to Katie's comment ... you look GREAT!

Amanda Smith said...

First thing I noticed was how awesome you look! Way to go girl!