Thursday, January 15, 2009

Amelia's first playdate

We are trying to make the most out of our last days at home together, so Monday we traveled to Ellisville to hang out with my friend Courtney and her two sweet babies, Collin and Brantlee. Brantlee was born three weeks before Amelia. We had a great time catching up and meeting each other's babies. Amelia did great for the long ride there and back. I am getting more confident in being able to get out and about with her by myself.

Here are the two girls hanging out in Brantlee's crib. They are almost the same size, but Amelia is a little longer. They both have those fat pinchable cheeks! Brantlee is such a happy baby. She grinned the whole time, while Amelia is much more serious. She's pretty selective about giving out her smiles, especially when there is a camera in front of Mommy's face. We've really got to work on that. She was fascinated with Brantlee's mobile. Guess we need to get one. I never bought one because I didn't find one that looked cute with her bedding, ha.

This is Big Brother, Collin. He's only 18 months old, but such a big boy. Courtney has her hands full! I don't know how she does it!

Here's Brantlee trying on Amelia's headband. I think she liked it, Court!

Yesterday we went to Co-Lin to visit our co-workers. Amelia got to see all the girls in my office again and then we went to surprise Daddy at his office. He was glad to see us and got to show his baby girl off to all his co-workers. Afterwards we did a little shopping for a couple of new outfits and a few new hair accessories. We have a little more than a week left and so many more things we want to do!

We had a quick photo shoot before going to Mommy and Daddy's work. This is the best one I could get. She doesn't want to sit still for pics these days. And refuses to smile when she sees that camera. She just gives me this wide-eyed stare, ha. We will get better. Check out those chubby legs!

I did manage to get capture a smile this morning playing on her favorite toy, the play gym. She smiles and chatters away while she's on that thing.

But when I sat her in the chair for a pic, this is the face I got. Ha! It's like she's thinking, would you please stop putting me in this chair for pics and just let me have fun on my play mat?


Katie Furr said...

oh my gosh. love the play gym pic and the one in the chair after it. too cute!! and she looks ADORABLE in that outfit and new headband!

Amanda Smith said...
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Amanda Smith said...

We want a Playdate someday!! :)