Thursday, January 22, 2009

A preview

Y'all know how much I love taking pics of my sweet girl, so you can imagine my excitement to see what a professional would do with her. My new BFF, Lindey Magee has given us a little preview on her blog. I am loving them already and can't wait to see the rest! I think my fave is the middle one. She snapped it on our bed. How cool.

Please keep Lindey and Baby Magee in your prayers. She will be induced Tuesday and has had some complications in the past couple of months. I know she is going to take some fabulous shots of that new little sweetie.


lindey said...

angela- you have a blog :o) how impressive! we can truely be bffs now, teehee ;o)
i'm setting a new record in getting your gallery up, so expect a password mid morning if all goes well!
glad you like the preview; i have a few favorites myself...can't wait for you to see!
thank you, thank you for the prayer request; the big day is creaping closer & we certainly appreciate all the prayers we can get!

~neisha~ said...

I love the first one on Lindey's blog. Ok, remember I'm bow-challenged...but working toward recovery, ha., so I have to ask: is that a bow on a crochet-looking headband or is that a little hat thingy? Joy has a crochet-looking headband but it is sooooo wide, it makes her head look square. I'm thinking Amelia must be wearing one of those, but obviously, you have the hang on putting the dang thing on her. But, I shouldn't be surprised. I think I am the only one in BA

Angela said...

Neisha, it is actually a hat. A red hat to be exact, and I can't wait to see it in color. Amelia has the crochet headbands too in two different widths. The wider ones make her head look weird too.

~neisha~ said...

omg! i think i'm catching on! my heart said that was a hat! but i kept second guessing, ha. yay, it feels good to make some progress in my recovery...BA must be paying off. ha.