Friday, January 2, 2009

A HUGE Milestone

We forced ourselves to leave Amelia overnight for the first time! She stayed with Grammy and Papa (my parents) while Cliff and I went out on New Years Eve. What, you may ask, did the crazy new parents do on our night of freedom? Well, we got dressed up and went to Jackson and had dinner at a cool restaurant called Julep. We went there a couple of years ago on New Years with some friends. Of course, back then we stayed until midnight and celebrated with everyone when the clock struck 12. This year, we were out of there by 9, and decided to go see a movie. Pretty tame for a couple in their 20s, I know, but it was just our style. We had a great time. We saw Doubt, with Phillip Seymore Hoffman and Meryl Streep. The acting was so awesome. Love those two in anything. We also saw The Curious Case of Benjamin Button last week while we had family at home to watch the baby. Very strange of us to get to see two movies in one week, but I highly recommend these.

Instead of ringing in 2009 with a glass of champagne and celebrating with a bunch of people, I kissed my baby daddy in the car on I-55 on the way home to our sad, empty house. I missed my baby so much and was totally regretting leaving her! I just knew she was wondering where I was and why I wasn't holding her and snuggling with her to get her to sleep. I admit that I cried a little. I resisted going to my parents house to get her. Ok, I didn't resist anything. Cliff was driving and he wouldn't let me. We picked her up in the morning. I was so glad to see her! I know it is crazy, but I swear she grew while I was gone.

I'm glad we got that milestone out of the way. She was fine and didn't even notice I left her. And my parents just loved spending time with her. I needed to go ahead and take this step because Cliff surprised me with a Mexican cruise for Christmas and I'm going to have to leave her for 5 days in June! I'm sure by then, I'll be glad to get away for a while, but I can't imagine how hard it will be!

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