Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Uncle Jeremy, painting and a bath

We went to Hattiesburg last week to see my brother one last time before he left for Iraq. Even though the photos were taken in the O'Charley's parking lot, I still managed to get a few cute ones of the girl and her uncle. Is it just me, or is a soldier holding a baby not the most precious thing ever?We've heard that he has arrived in Kuwait and it's 120 degrees there! And they have to wear those hot uniforms. Puts things in perspective when I'm complaining about how hot it is when I'm walking from my air conditioned house to my air conditioned car and into my air conditioned office. Please continue to keep the soldiers and their families in your prayers.

Here we are working on a messy father's day gift for my dad. Babies and paint are not the best mix, but we had fun and I'm pretty sure Papa loved his t-shirt. It took me, Aunt Mare and Cliff to get it done.Signing Papaw Bob's card with a handprint

I'm a little OCD about my baby getting dirty. (I know, I know) So this pretty much drove me crazy until we got her cleaned up 5 minutes later. Luckily it came off all of us pretty easily and didn't ruin Daddy's new Southern Miss College World Series shirt!

She finally has enough hair for a tiny shampoo mohawk! If she were a boy, she would definitely have a faux-hawk every day instead of her giant bows.

She was having so much fun while her Daddy and I were bathing her last night, and I couldn't resist running for the camera to get these cute grins.

Can you believe she is cruising into 8 months next week? She is at such a fun age right now. Speaking of cruising, in 5 more days my baby daddy and I will be on our way to Mexico! Grammy and Papa can't wait to babysit, and I'm getting over my sadness over leaving my girl and actually getting excited about our trip. Sun, fun, eating and sleeping- those are my vacation goals. I'll be back with photos from our trip in a couple of weeks and an update on our 8 month old girl. No telling how long it will take me to get her detoxed from all that grandparent spoiling!


Deare Diary said...

Father, I bring Jeremy and other soldiers before your throne right now and ask for safety, protection and strength to do the job that they have to do. Thank you for our soldiers that go and fight for us to continue to have peace and safety here in America. Bless them in the name of Jesus.

Cute pictures. She looks like she will be crawling and walking before long.
Love ya,
Aunt Judy

lindey said...

a soldier with a baby *is* right on up there in the sweetness department!
look at that amelia being so thoughtful dipping her little hands in paint to personalize her grandpa's gift :o)
and her hair will be enough for a bow in no time!